How To Make A Kawaii Molang Reindeer Plushie Tutorial

Why hello there everyone! Aren't you excited that the holidays are finally here? I know that it is a wee bit early for Christmas crafts but I couldn't help myself really. Christmas brings me such joy and a nostalgic feeling of just being around family and close friends. During this time of the year, my house brims with good old music from the past, the smell of mom baking wonderful cakes and cookies in the kitchen and joyful laughter all around the house as family members travel from all over just to be home for the holidays. And this, isn't even Christmas yet. It is like an acceleration in process from here on out to usher in Christmas. Lets call this the 'Hype'. LOL!
So, I thought it would be a good idea to spread some happy on my channel and usher in Christmas with all of you in tow. Wouldn't that be fun?

 To open this fun season, I stumbled upon a really cute drawing of Molang as a reindeer on Pinterest. I have a picture of the original on my Facebook Page. You guys probably know by now how crazy I am about Molang as I have other tutorials of him here, here and here, so why not another addition to the hoard I have, just in case.

So, yes, we shall sew us a cute fluffy, chubby Molang reindeer plushie today. Very simple plush, took me about fifteen minutes or so to piece everything together. I rather like that he has Rudolph's cute little red nose and antlers ( I had no idea the brown thingies were called antlers in the video, I swear it was the derp in me at work LOL).

With that said, I hope you make your very own kawaii reindeer Molang and don't forget to share pictures with me if you do. I would love to see all your creations!
I wish on you a happy giggly week my fluffeteers. See you during the weekend.
Molang Reindeer Template
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  1. This is SO lovely! I am wondering whether I can make this for my dog as a toy.

  2. This is so cute! I have to try to make one! thank you for amazing tutorial :)

  3. This is so charming! I love it! What a great site you have.

  4. Thanks for the tutorials :D Your stitches are always so equal.... Unlike mine LOL

    1. Thank you!! and omg it is all about practice LOL!...You should have seen the train wreck I was a few years ago :D

  5. I love this tutorial!! I want be make this for christmas:-)

  6. Im going to do this tonight! tyou for this lovely plushie tutorial :*