DIY: How To Make A Molang Bunny Felt Notebook

This week is another fun and easy tutorial. Initially, I asked you guys if you would want a Molang plushie tutorial and the highest request I got was for a Molang Pillow Plushie. However, I decided to do something a little different because making a Molang Pillow Plushie would be exactly the same as making a plushie, only that the template would have to be blown up to a bigger size. I also have a ge-zillion bunny plushie tutorials on my channel, so i decided to put my thinking cap on and come up with some new ideas on how to work with felt.
Hence the birth of Aiko's version of a handmade/DIY Molang notebook made from felt! This is the first time ever I've tried this and I made this on a first attempt when I filmed the tutorial. To my surprise, it came out rather cute and the end result made me happy. There are many ways you could do this, however, I think this is the easiest way I could think of.
If your felt pieces are thin unlike mine (as you can see they are thick and woolly) You will be able to staple the notepad from the outside, however my felt is thick, hence the staples were from the inside. Either way it works and still looks pretty awesome. For anyone who do not know who Molang is, he is this really cute fat chubby bunny and a character from Korea. Rather famous dude I would say, as he has a new fan now from Malaysia. I am obsessed!

Molang Bunny Template


  1. Ricky Panda DangFriday, January 10, 2014

    its so cute!!! ^ - ^ ~

  2. i Thought this was an awesome idea, i changed i up a tad,
    so, first i made to of the cover(?) and sewed them together to give that cute sewed look,
    Then i made it like you did but instead of stapling i pre-pierced holes in the paper then sewed that on too,
    it came out so adorb!!!! i use it for all my little drawings,
    Oh i made a sheep, and used chalk pastel for the blushies,
    oh god i love it so much thank you!

  3. i love it so much gonna make it ride now :)