How To Make A Molang Ice Cream Sundae Plushie Tutorial

Hello Fluffies! I decided to make this really cute version of Molang and turned him into an ice cream sundae plush! Yum! I felt a little hungry over the weekend as I always do, plus a little bit of sweet is never a bad thing. Hooray calories! Not that I really bother about them anyway. HAH!
This is a really simple plush to make and all you need to do is work in sections. I started with the Molang sundae cup first and then worked with the ice cream scoop.
For ice cream toppings, nothing beats a strawberry, chocolate syrup combo, so splat they go on my little sundae plushie. I used glue to fix them unto the ice cream scoop plush as it gives a neater finish, plus, it is a tad easier for those of you who have that same lazy bone that I do.

So this is it! Your very own Molang dessert plushie! I hope you enjoyed this, don't forget to grab the template, and watch my video tutorial for complete instructions on how to put this little guy together. Love you loads, stay creative and good luck my fluffeteers!
Molang Ice Cream Sundae Template
To save, right click and choose 'Save Image As'

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  1. I don't see the template :( but it is super adorable!

  2. i can't find the link to make the strawberry?

      there you go :)

  3. Soo Adorable! ^_^ Thanks Aiko!

  4. Hi Aiko! I just wanted to drop a little note here to tell you THANK YOU! :D I love your videos on youtube and I love your creations, they're absolutely adorable and thank you for sharing them with us ^^

  5. I cant find the strawberry template :(

  6. can you make some for beginners?????