Many people ask me how Hapy Friends Shoppe got its name. February 8th 2012, I met with an accident which left 3 of my friends and my brother in a horrible condition. Lucky enough, I got out safe and sound with only a few bruises and a swollen face, the result of going head first into the airbag. The car we drove could not be salvaged. Policemen and paramedics that arrived on scene still wonder till today how we survived the crash. It was a miracle. My miracle. While my friends and brother were on their way recovering from the accident, I however had a huge eye opener from the crash and it reminded me that life is short.

What we do today matters tomorrow and it is so important to just be happy and do what you love.
When you are faced with a situation, where you are unsure if you are going to come out alive, materialistic and superficial things that exist in our world today becomes insignificant. All you think about at that point in time is how you have lived your life and what would happen to the people you love once you are gone.
Those were the two things that came crashing in my head before the airbag did.

So today, I hope to inspire people, young and old who watch me on YouTube with craft ideas, plushies,DIY Fashion tutorials and not forgetting my recent love, fashion lookbooks. Sharing is caring, as cliche as it sounds it is lacking today in our world of crime, sex and superficial nonsense. There is nothing greater than sharing the things you love with people in hope to change them for the better. To inspire and change one human being at a time through craft, stories, inspiration and happiness.
Hapy Friends Shoppe was created in memory of my friends to pay tribute for their strength. Someone once told me that we have to be grateful for our past, confident about our present and anticipate the future. Only then are we true individuals who live life with great meaning. I am grateful for what has happened to me, because if it didn't, I would have never realized what living is all about a midst my lust for a successful career and everything else that came with it but my happiness.

Today, I dedicate my time to the things I love doing the most. Whether it is creating something new out of something old or putting together a fashion lookbook, this blog is not just dedicated to one specific thing, but rather a journey of the things that I create that signifies me as a person.
I hope that my story will change lives and the stories that I create will inspire people to love more and live life the way they should. Basked in pure happiness.

Be happy,