Doll Diaries Chapter 4: Felt Paper Doll Tutorial

Why hello there everyone! I hope all of you are on the sunny side of things wherever you may be! Anyways, I have been getting a ton of requests to make more Doll Diaries chapters and I don't know about you guys, but I remember playing with paper dolls when I was young. I had books and books of them, all in different sizes, colors and not to mention all the pretty outfits. Oh! What joy these little paper made things brought me. Anyways, I decided to make my favorite outfit playtime thing this week, only with a little twist. We are going to use felt instead of paper to make us some pretty dolls to play dress up with.

And do you know what the coolest part about these are? Felt magically sticks to felt, thanks to the fraying fibers we usually find annoying, which means, you don't need to worry about having any adhesives applied to your fabric. It is easy as design, sew and play! I made two summer outfits for my little felt paper doll and I would love to see what you awesome lovelies come up with. Do send me pictures as always. Now lets take a look at the things you will need to complete this project, and I will leave you to your doll making goodness!

Things you will need to make your very own felt paper doll:
Felt in different colors
Needle and Thread
Buttons, ribbons, lace and other decoration items for your doll's dresses

Alright! So this is it! I had so much fun making these. I wonder what outfits to make her now. I haven't even named here yet..MEEP! I am also planning to make a felt board to line up all her outfits so it is easy to swap, mix and match and so forth. Have fun fluffies! Shoot me with a comment if you have any questions. LOVE YOU ALL!

P/s: Any ideas for a cute doll name?


Felt Paper Doll Template
To save, right click and choose, 'Save Image As' 

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  1. OMG this felt paper doll is soooo cute and you read my mind, LOL. I have been obsessing about paper dolls lately and have been looking all over the internet for paper dolls to download and find crafty uses for them. I also have a thing for the "articulated" type paper dolls so this little project will fit into my paper doll obsession real well - THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Omg so kawaii~~ I think a cute name would be celesta (I'm just a pianist so it might be quite weird though)

  3. Emily would be a cute name for her.

    1. i saw a doll kit that looks alot like her. the doll was called either Emily or Amy. i totally agree Emily would be such a cute name. PS that's my name 2!

  4. looks like chiyo Chan from azumanga daioh

  5. hi aiko, i'm kiky from indonesia. if i want to print out your templates, it should be printing on what size of paper. thanks a lot

  6. A4 size paper will fit the templates.

  7. Hello. Im making mine. You remember the Fuzzy Felt ones? Im making those as well. Yours is so fun. Mine looks like a Flasty. I had one and i was going to buy another. At least i can dress her straight away. You need 2 body pieces one front hair one hair back . You need two dress? Is that right?
    Thanks. So fun

  8. Beautiful proyect! I just finished one book fir my grandaughter Penelope. Too bad I didn't take pictures. I am planning to make another one for her 3rd birthday. Thank you for your ideas.