Cute Formal Outfits: Romantic Tea Party Lookbook

Why hello there awesome people of the internet! I do hope all of you are having a great weekend as always, because I am going to tell you about my little adventure last week. The holidays are here and so are tea parties. I love that my family has kept this precious tradition of having tea parties every week until Christmas with close family and friends. We often take turns and house hop during this time plus, it is the perfect opportunity to play dainty dress up and lose ourselves in unimportant conversations and light laughter.

Last week I went to an aunt's house for some tea and she had the most divine cakes and cookies. I swear the weighing scale is going to hate me this season and not that I care to be honest, because really, it would be a sin to pass off on such a privilege. Now that I have left you with an awful craving for sweet delicacies, I'm going to show you two outfits that I wore and will be wearing for a tea party this weekend.

The Wealthy Damsel
vintage shift dress, outfit of the day, fashion blogger, floral embroidered dress, handmade, mint green, wedges, fashion, style

vintage floral shift dress, chiffon, pastel, ootd, outfit, fashion blogger, style,
Dress by: ClosetMino (C/O)
Thrift Store Mint Dolly Wedges
Cardigan bought in an indi store in Taiwan
I named this little outfit 'The Wealthy Damsel' because of the gorgeous detailing on the dress and I like how this is a minimal look with nothing too much added to the actual outfit. This vintage shift dress has a rich array of hand embroidered flowers which is a show stopper. I am not really a fan of shift dresses, because frankly, it doesn't really do my body justice, but heck, even I could forgo such a rule just to own a piece like this.

I paired up the dress with my favorite pair of mint green baby doll wedges and brought along a hot pink cardigan to add a pop of color in case the weather decided to rain on us. Sometimes, adding colors or different textures to your outfit can give it an entirely different look, hence the reason why I love to recycle my clothes and wear them over and over with various layers, shoes and such. I am not one to throw away old dresses just because it isn't in season, partly because I find it rather silly and also because I don't have Lady Gaga's paycheck. Mmhmm.

The Lonely Maiden
mori girl, mori kei fashion, style, tea party outfit of the day, ootd, fashion blogger, vintage, old school, pretty dress, pastels
mori girl outfit, mori kei, mori girl fashion, cute dress, outfit of the day, lace dress, knitted sweater, fall fashion, pastels
Dress by: ClosetMino (C/O)
Cardigan: Handmade in Taiwan
Socks: Daiso
Pumps: NOSE
When I put this outfit together, I was somehow inspired by the women during World War II and how they waited eagerly on their lovers, husbands and fiances to arrive safe to shore after months of brutal war. My grandmother told me that during that time, women still took effort in dressing up especially if it was a first meeting or a quiet date by the park. Women of the past have inspired my closet in more ways than one and sometimes, I think that I was born in the wrong era. Often, I like putting a little edge or spunk to mesh two completely different eras together to make an outfit my own and this is no different.

Though women back then wore dresses that were longer, I chose a pretty pastel pink mini lace and chiffon mesh dress instead. The embroidery details above the waist is gorgeous and I love that the Peter Pan collar pulls the entire dress together nicely. To give this dress an old school feel, I threw on a handmade dark peach colored knitted cardigan with little bow details on the side. I also wore lace socks that were a little above my ankle for an old school feel. Finally, to give this look some finesse, nothing does it more justice than a good ol' bow belt and embroidered leather pumps.

With all that yapping, I am done with another fun outfit post/video. Do let me know if you liked my simple but intricate damsel look, or the eager girlfriend who waits on her lost lover at war? I would also love to know which era do you always find yourself looking for inspiration when it comes to fashion and how do you incorporate them into your outfits to keep it fresh and modern.

While I leave you with some sweet cravings, thoughts to ponder about and beauty of the past, I will have to politely bid you goodbye and eagerly wait our next meet. Remember to watch the video for an up close look at my outfits.

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  1. Love this look, so romantic and classy , beautiful colours <3

  2. Oh both of these looks are adorable ahhh!