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Simply Beautiful!

from Sky74
Very girly. I love it!
from Xilie
Gosh your designs are gorgeous girl!
So unique
from Lily

Hi, how do i order the cases?
I like the grey Bubchan one :D
from Nina88

Found your site from a review site and
I gotta say that your idea on craft is just so
complex! I'm a crafter myself and it's so good
to see that you are passionate about your work and spreading
it to others. Thanks Aiko!
from Carol

Love your tutorials!
from xxJasxx

Received your items. You're the best!
from KinkyLin84

Aiko, your talent amazes me everytime I visit your website. The way you put an intepretation on craft is just amazing!
from AYouTubeFan

As a blogger for the creative scene, i personally think that Aiko's creations and blog is full of life! Such enthusiastic person with amazing creative energy attracts anyone out there. Aiko's blog is worth visiting and tutorials are worth learning from. Thank you for your support too Aiko. <3
from Shia Lyn (Artsy Craftsy)

Bubsie thinks ur shop screams fantasy and yells stories throughout the air across the land and through the sea. Merging outstanding story telling with superior artistic presentations with the use of craft, us buyers get not only a fine piece of art but a unique experience and world of expression in something that we can wear and show off. A piece of Aiko for all... Lovely shop! ;)
from Bubs (B4A Studios)

I want it ALL! This is the best blog/shop EVA!
Hugs fo Aiko! >.<
from Anna

I love your blog Aiko! I wish I could make something so amazing!
from Alexander Lioncourt

Aiko!! Thank you so much for the adorable tutorials. I just got into making plushies and I think your plushies are the cutest along with Tammy Fallam. Anyways, I was wondering if you can make tutorials for the hello kitty food themed projects you made. for all of them.. I want to make them all. OR at least one of them, the ice cream sandwich one I think..Thanks so much You're awesome. My email is Send me your addy I want to send you a thank you package!
from Hazel

Everything is soooo cute! I LOVE your charms and your plushies are so cute!
PLEASE keep on making these!

From K

Hi Aiko! I am Nina P.'s little sister, Alina. I thought that your creations are simply brilliant! Amazing work!
from Alina Pham

I think that you are one of the most creative people I know. You inspire me so much as a designer. You give me so many new ideas. It's amazing how imaginative you are at creating things of your own. I always look up to you as a mentor that teaches me how to be creative with everything. Thank you for this, Aiko!-Nina
from Nina

¡Hello pretty!
I am the one who has that avatar that makes you happy ( I don't know why) it as an original sketch (a bit messy)
I love your tutorials and the way you are because you are so talented, sweet and each one of your crafts have a lot of love and time (that seems so easy and fast)
Thanks for sharing your tips and creations
Have a nice day :)

from Kawaii Cime

nice blog! i'm loving it
from Afolabi Clement

Your plush are tottemo kawaii! I'd love to see more plushes from you, Aiko-chan!
from Sao Amagi

so cute! (´∀`)♡ and the tutorials are really helpful, too~ you're amazing. uvu
from orihime

Hi Aiko,
For me, found your blog is like finding a treasure!
So generous of you to share all of the plushie tutorials.
Please keep creating, I love all your creation! ^^

from Natasia Budhi