How To Make A Molang Felt Pouch Tutorial

Hello my fluffies! I have been in a wacky Molang mood of late. The last time I made something Molang related seem like eons ago. Just in case you were wondering, I have a DIY Molang Felt Notebook stashed somewhere on this blog and have no idea what sorcery made me overlook this cute Korean rabbit thingamabob for such a long time!
With that said, I went on a Molang overload during the weekend and made a pouch plus a cute little chubby Molang plush which I happen to be very happy with. I decided to film a tutorial on the felt pouch and I shall await your responses on whether you would like the plushie for our next felt craft project.
This is a pretty simple project to make. Great for a gift or simply for your own use. I am going to use my Molang felt pouch for my little name cards hence the reason I made it in a smaller size.

Alright fluffies! Let me know what you think about my felt Molang creations, don't forget to watch my video tutorial for a step by step how-to and grab the template to make an army of these cute chubby bunnies.
Molang Felt Pouch Template
To save the template simply right click and choose "Save Picture As"
Important note: The template can be scaled to however big or small you want it depending on the size of your phone or little trinkets. If you are measuring a phone to fit into this felt pouch, remember to always measure the width before printing your template. Good luck!

Check out also my other plushie tutorials and my little outfit posts where I talk about a few things that bothered me of late. Big hugs and have a great week ahead! Follow on Bloglovin
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  1. thanks so much for another oh so cute tutorial and a useful one too : ) Oh I have a request...can you make up a simple Kokeshi doll plushie? I've been looking and there aren't many out there and I would love to see your version of one. Thanks for considering my request - make it a great day!!

    1. I will definitely think of a cute kokeshi doll to make :D HUGS!

  2. definitely want the felt plushie molang doll tutorial this was great!^_^