Aiko's Fan Craft Creations

Why Hello there fluffies! From the time I started YouTube till this very day, I have had a ton of people send me pictures of what they made inspired by my tutorials. Instead of just letting your pictures go to waste, I wanted to immortalize them here so that everyone else would be able to see all the awesome things you created from my tutorials. This is also a way for me to thank you guys for being such dolls and engaging with my content. I would be nowhere now if not for the lot of you. So big hugs and enjoy! If you ever want to send me something you made from my tutorials, head over HERE and send me an E-Mail, or you could just pm me on my Official Facebook Page. HUGS!

Note: I have a ton of pictures sent in by you guys previously, so I am trying to trace everything back and add them here. So do be patient, I will eventually post your picture, however you can hit me up with a PM if you think I missed out on your picture.


Victor Chand said...

neat site Aiko!!


Anonymous said...

I love you Aiko!!!! Thank you <3 You are absolutely amazing. XOXO Sally

Anonymous said...

Wow! These creations are so cute! I like Nina Pham's rendition on the bows that you make!
* Alina *

windtea said...

Thank you for posting my bunny! I love your tutorials!

Anonymous said...

I love you Aiko! (I also love your name!) I love your fashion, your plushies, your story, your lighthearted attitude and your amazing personality!!! You are such a cool role model for people like me!
<3 your fan

shelly s. said...

Aiko, just found your blog and tutorials the other night and am having a blast pinning all of your tutorials. Can't wait to make the Hello Kitty gingerbread ornament. TOO CUTE (if there is such a thing). I'm probably a bit older than your average follower, but will forever be young at heart. Thanks for sharing!

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