Mori Girl Inspired Outift : Pompompurin and The Lonely Musician

I decided to go with a fun theme to showcase an outfit I particularly adore. This week is going to be a tad different and Sanrio's Pompompurin had something to do with it, along with my obsession for Mori girl outfits and music.

I have been wanting to put some substance into my photography of late. Particularly for outfits as it gives me the opportunity to play different roles hence bringing my imagination to life. I also believe that a picture weaves a thousand magical tales with very little words.

With that said, I shall start this post with a beautiful poem written by Feuilleton
mori girl,  mori fashion, pompompuring inspired outfit, mori style
The ryhthm of my life..
Even in silence I hear
the distant tune of a song
Playing slow and steady
a melody wherein I belong
Ceaselessly it repeats
besides calm or strife
Constant is my heartbeat
The rhythm of my life.
- Feuilleton- 
mori girl fashion, mori kei, hat, dungarees, vintage, mori style, guitar, photography, handmade indian shoes
Growing up in a family of musicians, I was always surrounded by the beats of smooth old school jazzy tunes, swing and folk songs. I started playing the piano at four and picked up the flute, guitar, organ and started singing at twelve. Although it has been quite a while since I last played music in front of a crowd, I sometimes find myself under a shady tree with a flask of iced coffee, singing to myself as I scare the little creatures that surround me. On some occasions, I have a friendly bird or two chiming in with a happy chirp and if this is not bliss, I don't know what is.
That rhymed.

Sometimes I wonder if age really does catch up with you. I find myself feeling disgruntled, indifferent and disinterested in the superficial things in life. While I spend my week working and dealing with the corporate world, there is always a special twinkle in me as the weekend approaches. Most people my age gear up for a fun night out at a bustling, smoky, noise polluted night club, I take pride in reading a nice book by the window with soft folk music playing in the background. If I feel a little bit more adventurous, I grab my guitar, pack a picnic, kidnap my childhood best friend and cycle away to our favorite park for a laugh or two. Most of the time, she laughs at my hideous attempt to cover Tracy Chapman.

What is it about life that we forget the most trivial things can make you happy and simple things like being with someone you care about while you chat away under a shady tree will always mean more as a memory than a boring text message with jibberish emoticons? Baffling i say.
knitted sweater, dungarees, collar
I recently found a rather interesting someone on Instagram who had a story to tell in every picture she posted. Unlike me, she lives the life I strive for and takes happiness in the little things that surround her, be it a tiny knitting project, little trees around her neighborhood or a yummy little recipe. Snow in Autumn, a name that tells a pretty story. I highly recommend her not only for her beautiful writing, but also as a reminder that the simplest things in life do have unicorns and rainbows hidden within them if you care enough to look.
handmade indian shoes, embroidered shoes, vintage, pretty flats
Onward and forward fluffies. Lets look into this pretty outfit I officially declare as my favorite of all time. i was planing on a Sanrio inspired outfit video for the weekend, and thought that Pompompurin will have to somehow make an appearance because he is awesome and he wears a brown beret. I digress to explain my crazy obsession for hats and Pompompurin any further.

Anyways, this little outfit is a combination of old little treasures I found in my cupboard. It has been a while since I saw these pair of dungarees. I bought this so long ago at a street stall and I should take an arrow for ever neglecting this awesomeness. I love the little vintage buttons and frilly details on the front and how it isn't too tight. To neutralize this outfit, I wore a white collared shirt on the inside and threw on a mustard knitted sweater Lush Serendipity gifted to me.

As always, to finish, I wore my tattered mesh hat and the most comfortable handmade shoes from India. As you probably notice, I am very much a thrift shopper. I daresay I do not own any kind of branded goods as I find them overrated, plus, I love the excitement of walking into an indie store because these places are magical  when it comes to happy fashion finds.
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Outfit Details:
Hat: Thrift store
Blouse: Thrift store
Dungarees: Street stall
Shoes: Handmade in India
Mustard Crochet Sweater: Lush Serendipity

Alright fluffies from my musical imagination, I shall see you in my next post. I will also be linking this post to my full Sanrio inspired outfit video going live this weekend. In the mean time, I would love to know what are the things you like doing when technology and all things superficial are non existent?
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  1. I like that you wear thrifted clothing. It is not always you stumble upon a fashion blogger who wears nothing but expensive things others can't afford. Don't ever change

    1. thank you! i am glad you like it and I will never change :P...and if I did, I would probably be even weird-er LOL! hugs

  2. Dear Aiko, I really enjoyed this post and I love when you talk infuse your personal life into your posts. I really hope you make more posts like this. Glad i found you. I love this outfit too. It has a very old school feeling about it.

  3. Aiko looking so amazing i realy love this post
    check my blog if you want too:)
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    1. thank you very very much!! <3 I love your site!