Everyday Lookbook: Sanrio Inspired Outfits

Happy weekend fluffies!! As you probably know, I am doing an everyday outfit lookbook inspired by Sanrio, one of my all time favorite household brands for anything and everything cute. I still remember back in the day when I use to sew hideous looking versions of Hello Kitty just to feed this crazy love for her. It also reminds me of happy things and how rainbow colored unicorns could actually exist in this hazy world of ours.

I also posted one of my all time favorite outfits featuring Pompompurin from Sanrio yesterday as I thought something that pretty deserved a dedicated space but for the most part, I wanted to jot down a few personal thoughts to share with you seeing that I consider all of you here my very close friends if not family.

Alright, lets jump into the little characters I decided to play today!

Sanrio's My Melody Inspired Outfit
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casual outfits, dress, floral prints, vintage
my melody inspired outfit, puffy sleeve floral shift dress, lace socks, casual outfits, everyday look
I had the perfect dress gifted to me by Lush Serendipity to play My Melody from Sanrio. I adore the shocking pink color on this dress and how the puffy sleeves remind me of a princess outfit. If you look closely at the flower prints on this dress, it looks exactly like the one My Melody has hence the perfect combination. HAH! Lucky strike, Aiko.

I wanted to pair this with white knee high socks, but that would have made this a little over the top, so  I opted for a pair of lace ankle socks instead. To finish, I wore bright pink flats bought from a thrift shop some time back and I think the colors matched just nice with my little puffy dress.

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Outfit Details:
Dress: Lush Serendipity
Socks: Daiso
Shoes: Thrift Shop

Sanrio's Classic Hello Kitty Inspired Outfit
London Soldier print shirt, casual outfit, vintage outfits, red satin shorts, dolly wedges, lace socks
black dolly wedges, lace socks, vintage shoes
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Oh Hello Kitty, how I wish you were a real life cat. I would shower you with love, cookies and ice-cream simultaneously, place you in a picnic basket and whisk you away to Neverneverland. Hello Kitty is my favorite Sanrio character hands down and she brings me such joy.

When I was a little girl, I had her entire play set, jewelry boxes, lunch boxes, you name it, I had it. If you are an avid follower of my craft tutorials, I also have a whole video list dedicated to Hello Kitty. I still remember one of my friends saying literally this " Aiko, if you made another plush dedicated to Hello Kitty, I am going to wring your neck!". LOL!

I made 3 tutorials dedicated to her right after. I am still alive, thanks to the 10 000 mile distance between me and the girl who plotted  murder against me for an obsession I have no power over. *Evil laughs*

I wanted to dress inspired by the classic colors of Hello Kitty, but I wanted to keep this look clean, casual and simple. I picked out this cute London soldier inspired top and I love that this is made with satin  as you can always dress this up with something more formal and switch it down accordingly. To finish off, I wore my usual wedges and favorite lace socks in white.

Outfit Details:
Top, Shorts & Shoes: Lush Serendipity
Socks: Daiso

Alright fluffies! I hope you enjoyed this outfit post. Hop over to see photography shots on my Chococat inspired outfit and a little fashion experiment HERE and read about what music instruments I played when I was young HERE.
Have a wonderful weekend fluffies! May rainbows and unicorns shower you with everlasting happiness.

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