A Letter To My Best Friend

Weekends are my favorite time of the week. It is a time where I put all my weeks worries to rest, take a deep breath and enjoy as life passes me by on slow motion. This is a time where I swap my car for a bicycle, fancy clothes for a pair of shorts and plain tee, and most of all, this is a time where I thank everything around me for just being there. 

I took a ride to a nearby park on Saturday, brought along a flask of hot coffee and my little notebook where I jot down my manic thoughts. As I sat down writing, I began to think of a certain someone who has touched my life in more than one way. Someone whom I rarely thank and without realizing, someone I have taken for granted on more than one occasion.

So today is 'Thank You Day', a few words written simply in black and white, words that tell a tale of two best friends. 
To My Dear Best Friend,
It is funny how the internet works don't you think? So many years ago, we decided to hop into the internet and little did we know that our fates were connected in a weird kind of way forever. I still remember the days we used to sit idly in this imaginary world of ours and chat the hours away. When time didn't permit, we made it work just to get to know each other a little better.

You know I am bad with dates, so I have never counted the years we have been friends, but then again, dates and numbers never mattered with you, because years always seemed like minutes.
My dear best friend,
Today, I want to thank you for the many things you have done for me in our years of friendship, so I made a list, words written simply in black and white, words that tell a tale of your dedication and nurturing spirit. 
My dearest best friend, Thank You for..
Asking me how I am doing everyday, even though you already know the answer.
Waking up in the middle of the night to solve my computer deficiencies.
Listening to my endless rants about how I wish my internet would upload videos faster.
Proof reading my blog posts, you know how hideous my typos can get from time to time.
Making me laugh. You bring silly to a whole new level.
Believing in my dreams even during the times I did not. 
Sending me bobble head Hello Kitties for Christmas. I actually do love them.
Being there during my darkest hour.
Safe keeping my deepest, darkest secrets.
Letting me in.
That kick butt computer upgrade you sent me. You know how little I care about electronics. 
Giving me a reason to believe that true friendship without prejudice or conflicted attachments can work.
Being the emotional one. 
Giving me Sony Vegas Pro. You just +1'd my cool factor on Youtube. 
Loving me unconditionally.
Remembering all the little details about me. I forget 'me' all the time.
The little projects we collaborated in. It was actually my honor to work with you.
Your loyalty to this relationship. 
Being my biggest fan. 
Seeing me for me beneath all that glitter.
Not being mad at me, when I did not show up as promised. 
Sharing the little moments only we know about. 
Not judging me, when I did you. 
Being the peace during my chaos. 
Being you.

But most of all,
Thank you for offering me a space to be a part of your existence here on earth. I am in your debt. 
My dearest best friend, 
As I wrote this to you, I realized something I should have a long time ago.

This friendship was forged with a three thousand mile distance between us. A perfect miracle.

Also, proof read this will you? 


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  1. This has got to be the luckiest person alive to be able to hold such an honor of being your best friend... amazing