Everyday Lookbook: Cardcaptor Sakura Inspired Outfits and Anne of GreenGables

Hello fluffies! This week, I was taken by Kim's idea and put together two outfits inspired by Cardcaptor Sakura, the anime. I wanted to put a vintage spin on this fashion lookbook and bring back some old school charm to my wardrobe for obvious reasons. I love vintage. I also love weird.
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I found this cute pair of red checkered dungarees from Dresslink and dude, I cannot express how much I love this. Dungarees are pretty much a hit and miss with most people. You either love it, or hate it. I definitely have some sort of obsession for dungarees as I have worn them a couple of times on my blog here and here. I don't even care if it makes me look like a child from the 50's. It is an era I love anyway.
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Speaking of which, I got back to reading an old book I found in my little treasure chest of things I kept from my childhood ( Yes, it is literally a treasure chest). Anne of Green Gables, a classic story and best selling novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery in the early 1900's. It is a classic tale of a feisty young girl named Anne Shirley, who in my opinion had the prettiest red hair. Anne Shirley was my hero growing up and I loved that she spoke her mind without taking any heed to repercussions, plus, she had the most colorful imagination. She wasn't your typical pretty lady walking down the street in a tight corset, but more so a free spirit who took on adventures by the neck.
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I could always relate to Anne in my teenage days, probably because, I too always felt like a little sore thumb among my 'pretty' friends in school. While most of my friends spoke about lip glosses, and what shoes they were going to buy for prom, you would most likely find me under a tree reading, or sneaking out during the weekends to steal fruits with a bunch of boys who happen to be very dear friends till this day.
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I was also always taught to speak my mind, and have my father to thank for this, but often more than not, it always got me in trouble for obvious reasons. I always spoke my mind about the wrong things (LOL!). Like in the old days, the Asian culture today is pretty much the same when it comes to speaking your mind or doing the things a girl should not do. I was quite the naughty one back in the day, and I remember doing the cheekiest things which I find rather hilarious to be honest.
However, time passes, you shed old skin, and grow new ones, old memories become experiences you cherish and then you realize you are all grown up making better choices. Like Anne, my life has been an adventure worth remembering and though there were tough patches here and there, I truly believe things happen for a reason. Sometimes, not the way we want it, but wouldn't life be boring if it always was?
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With something for you to ponder about, I have come to the end of my post, but before we get to goodbyes, I hope you liked this little outfit I put together. I loved this particular color wheel on Sakura's red uniform as it has deep reds and whites plus, it gave me the chance to recycle this pretty lace blouse I bought in a thrift store not too long ago.

The shoes are a new favorite too as I have been meaning to buy a new pair of vintage shoes for a long time now. The old ones I had were in tatters, you'd think I abused them. I have a bad habit of wearing a pair of shoes to the point it cannot be salvaged anymore because I find no reason to own a ridiculous amount of shoes when you don't have a ball to go to on a daily basis. However, seeing this pair on Dresslink, I had to get it. I wasn't expecting it to be comfy at all because it was cheap but surprise, surprise, I am proven wrong once again. These shoes are so freaking cute and comfy! 'Nuff said'. LOL!

I guess this is my cue to go. So goodbye *waves frantically*. Oh, and have a wonderful weekend. HUGS!

Outfit Details: 
Lace Blouse: Thrift Store
Red Checkered Dungarees: Dresslink (c/o)
Hat: Thrift store
Lace Socks: Thrift Store
Vintage Shoes: Dresslink

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  1. I love this outfit, especially the dungarees! And this post is so interesting, it's always amazing finding characters that you can relate to :)

  2. Looooove your socks/oxfords combo! Very cute =)