Vintage Floral Outfit: Cardcaptor Sakura & My Salmon Bento Meal

Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura the anime, had a ton of cute outfits and in my last fashion post, I showed you the red version of her outfit vintage farm style. I love that I am able to play different characters by taking elements from their outfits and transforming them into something I would wear on a daily basis.

I decided to give her pink outfit a shot and I picked out this really cute pair from Dresslink. I fell in love with the blouse at first sight because I am a sucker for vintage collars, pink and floral prints. Little did I know, the shorts came with the outfit and the only thing I can say is, lucky lucky!

I think the material on this outfit was good considering the fact that it was very affordable. There were a few kinks here and there but nothing a pair of scissors couldn't fix. I wanted a romantic doll like vintage vibe to this fashion get up and finished off with my favorite mint green shoes as always. I think the floral ankle socks gives this whole outfit a story to tell and I like that about putting something together. Everything always has a story.
When I put this outfit together, I  was thinking an afternoon luncheon with girlfriends in a dainty little coffee house and Ray Conniff 's music playing in the background. I guess I will never be able to shake off the old school charm I fell in love with so many years ago.
Lately, I have been wanting to get in touch with nature, doing things the old school way, and just rewinding time a little to remember, appreciate and acknowledge that traces of the past should somehow be kept alive in more than one element of our forward lifestyle today. As much as I can't live without my portable computer or Wi-Fi connection, it is nice to sometimes manually cook a meal, set up a table with silverware (not that I have any), ditch the over sized high definition cell phone, and have a good old meal with our loved ones. Oh wait, I forgot to also mention having an ACTUAL conversation. Not an emoticon filled one via text message.
A few days ago, I dropped by this little Japanese restaurant near where I live. It is a tad bit pricey, but has an authentic Japanese dining experience, sitting on the floor included. While waiting in excitement for my favorite salmon bento to arrive, I looked across the room at a couple seated opposite where I was, also waiting on their meal to come. I presume they were on a dinner date. With their cellphones? Go figure.
I know that this is no shocker to anyone these days, and I have personally seen this particular scene lay out before me even in my own household, but for some reason I had a rude awakening that we are just not connecting anymore. I remember my childhood days, where mom and dad would plan out our weekends ahead of time. Trips to the beach, picnics, visits to the park and a bicycle ride to the nearest waterfall was something I always looked forward to. These days, we have virtual beaches, virtual picnics, virtual bicycle rides and everything available via app purchase. One magic touch of a finger.
So I made a pledge to myself over a yummy salmon bento meal. I made a list. Again. This is a list to help keep me in check especially when I become engulfed in work and the digital age. It has been working so far and I find myself connecting with people more. Especially my loved ones.

Aiko's Back In Time Check List:
- To have a conversation with someone at least 2 times a day without the presence of my cellphone.
- To say hello to at least 10 new people before the end of my work day. ( I am an office bumpkin nine out of ten times)
- To have a home cooked meal with my 'handsome prince charming' at least once a week without any kind of electronic entertainment present.
- To visit a park, plan a picnic, go to the beach or any kind of nature related activity with my family at least once every 2 weeks if not every week.

I think this is a good start yes? I have done everything on that list accept for step three. I shall accomplish that as soon as he gets a day off work. I will probably work and extend this list as I go about finding the above a day to day normalcy.

Outfit Details: 
Blouse & Shorts: Dresslink (c/o)
Mint Green Doll Shoes: Lush Serendipity
Floral Ankle Socks: Daiso

Do you have a list that keeps you in check? Or are you in total zen with our digital age? If you do have a list, share it with me in the comments and if you don't I would love to hear your take on things. As always, have a great weekend fluffies and watch my fashion lookbook video for a close up on my inspired outfit.

Red Cardcaptor Sakura Inspired Outfit HERE
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  1. Love your outfit Aiko. So cute! and i do enjoy having a list that keeps me in check. when I am not working, i enjoy reading inspiring books ie. Paulo Coelho, do art journalling, painting, crafting and meditating =) It helps with breaking creative boundaries. happy weekend to you too.