Super Mario Inspired Outfits : Casual Lookbook

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Super Mario Inspired Outfits. This is one lookbook and outfit video I have been wanting to do ever since I started making fashion videos on YouTube. Super Mario is the most influential plumber the world has seen and he shows no sign of slowing down. Thus, to celebrate his amazing style and quirky power ups, these are 2 outfits I put together for all you gorgeous fluffies this week.

Super Mario Inspired Outfit Of The Day
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Super Mario's sense of style has got to be one of my favorites. In truth, I really think he should be a fashion blogger of some kind. Mario has a classic red and blue touch to his outfit and I wanted to showcase the obvious accents to his original look using a subtle approach as the red and blue combination can be a tricky duo to tackle. I wore a red, black and white checkered shirt with my all time favorite mustache neck tie for a fun outlook on the entire outfit.

Dungarees are also back this season, however I chose a fairly lose one to give a boyish vibe and also because I appreciate comfort at all costs. I am absolutely in love with the huge pockets on this one. Finally, to tie the entire look up, I wore a pair of classic royal blue knee high socks and my all time favorite pair of DIY bow shoes.

On a side note, I was rather jealous of Mario's abilities to cook up power ups as he ventured into this bazaar realm of monsters, so I decided to appear somewhat intimidating and tried my hand at levitation for this outfit shot. Lets hope Mario's stumbles upon this and goes, " This girl just stole my swag". That would make my day.

This outfit was featured on the front page of Chictopa
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Outfit Details:
Dungaree: Davideal
Checkered Shirt: WSD
Socks: Daiso
Flat Pumps: DIY
Mustache Neck Tie: DIY

Princess Peach Inspired Outfit
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"Mario, you are my knight in shining armor", says Princess Peach. While Princess Peach got lucky and found Mario, I am still in search for my knight in shining armor. That probably explains the last shot for this outfit.

Princess Peach is originally a pink clad princess, however, I wanted to bring some Mori Girl style into this outfit and wore very soft pastels. This beautiful lace crochet cardigan is my favorite so far. I love how comfy, baggy and pretty it is. I adore the pretty soft peach color and the off white crochet lace collar. You know how much of a sucker I am when it comes to lace, even more so when paired up with this pretty pink floral chiffon dress, I bought eons ago from WSD.

To play up the pastels, nothing beats a pair of awesome mint green wedges. These SHOES! I swear I am obsessed with them.

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Davideal
Pink Floral Dress: WSD
Floral Printed Socks: Daiso
Mint Green Wedges: Lush Serendipity

Alright my fluffies. I shall make my exit now while you ponder over my levitation powers and the relevance of me searching for my knight in armor and how it relates to Princess Peach. In the mean time, I hope you liked this rather short post.
I would also love to know how you would style dungarees and if Mario should ever take up fashion blogging as an alternative career path in the comments below. Till then, watch the video for outfit close ups and details, and don't forget to drop a hello to B4Astudios for his outfit details and post.

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