DIY Cute Mini Bear Tote Bag Tutorial - Upcycle Old Towels

Hi fluffies! I had some serious fun crafting last weekend. I made this really cute mini bear tote bag for an outfit I am planning to wear for a picnic on Thursday and filmed a quick tutorial for you guys. This is super easy if you already have the basics of felt pouch making. The methods are pretty much the same with some optional changes.
Instead of sewing the pouch from the outside like we do with felt pouches, I decided to do blanket stitches from the inside instead and flipped the bag over to the right side once I finished. This will give a seamless look to the entire bag and it practically looks store bought.
The best part about this handmade mini tote bag is that I made it using an old unused towel ! I am so proud of myself right now ( LOL!). I think that craft is a way of life and if it means that I am contributing in a tiny way to the environment by turning old things into something new, I would do it again without hesitation or procrastination (quite the frequent visitor, I must say).

Watch my video tutorial on how to make this cute tote bag, and don't forget to show me pictures of your amazing patterns. Remember to get creative and don't be afraid to experiment with different designs, fabric textures and embellishments! I made a template listed below as it was way too big to include in this post. Click on the link and it should take you right to your download.

Till then, have a great week ahead people of the internet!!

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  1. Great mini bear to bag. I like it when making such bag for my baby.

    1. thank you!! i am sure your baby would love it :D I know I am wearing this to go out on dates :D haha! BIG HUGS

  2. so cute..... i really love it..

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