How To Make A Hello Kitty Gingerbread Man Ornament Plushie Tutorial

Hello my awesome Fluffies! Christmas is just a few more days away! Well okay, so maybe not a 'few' more days, but it is coming! I finally finished all of my Christmas shopping and bought some pretty snazzy presents this year. Nothing too expensive, but amazing nonetheless! I also made all the ladies in my family a little something as I always try to add a handmade touch with my gifts every year.

So to celebrate the holidays, we are going to make this really cute Hello Kitty Gingerbread Man tree ornament plushie. I spent 2 days in total sewing about fifteen of these plushies to decorate my tree, and will probably take a good picture for everyone to see really soon. Be sure you are following me on Instagram to see this awesome update.
This is a super simple plush and takes about 20 minutes or so to put one together. As always, you will need the epic bow for Hello Kitty and a step by step tutorial can be found here. Lets take a look at the things you will need to complete this plush.

Things you will need:
Felt (brown, white, red, green)
Thread (similar colors of your felt)
Alright fluffies! I guess this completes another fun Christmas themed tutorial. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you will turn any of your favorite characters into gingerbread man plushies. I would also love to know what you will be making your loved ones this Christmas!
Till then, have a wonderful weekend and lots of love, hugs and kitty kisses!
Hello Kitty Gingerbread Man Template
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  1. I want to eat it now :)

  2. so adorable Aiko xx going to make my auntie one of these! I think she has a bit of a gingerbread obsession!! xx how can you not when there this lovely!!? xx

  3. so cute, Aiko! I love it..
    This is such a pretty blog!


  4. just love this little gbman kitty, thanks : )

  5. Hi, Aiko. i love your felt tutorials and download some pattern from your blogs. thank's for your sharing :D