DIY Fashion: Decora Inspired Poodle Plushie Brooch Tutorial

Happy Wednesday fluffies! I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas as it is just around the corner. As I mentioned earlier, I will be posting more tutorials to get you guys ready with a ton of ideas I have as gifts. Today, we will be making this really cute Decora inspired poodle plushie brooch.

Decora is a fashion style, developed in Japan and here are some fun facts:
Decora is also known as 'Dekora' or 'Decorer'. This style was first seen in the streets of Harajuku in the late 90's and is said to be inspired by Tomoe Shinohara.

Decora is a form of style that centers around a wide array of well thought out accessories ranging from bows, kawaii animals, and anything cute. The goal is to look as cute as possible.

I used a different kind of felt to make this poodle. I went to Daiso a few days back thanks to Abi from Studiolorien and almost died from the variety of printed felt they just brought in. I'm talking about PRINTED STRAWBERRIES! and CHERRIES, and POLKA DOTTIES!...I died and went to heaven, I promise you.

Anyways, I decided to use this cute purple and pink polka dotted print felt to make our little baby poodle and it turned out perfect! I used brown felt for the eyes to balance out the pinks and made the ears with a basic pink color instead of being over bearing with the polka dots.
Making the bow is really simple, I used some wool yarn instead of ribbon and I have a tutorial here if you would like to learn to make your own bow from scratch.
Things you will need to make this cute poodle plush/brooch:
1) Felt (anykind)
2) Poly fill Stuffing
3) Ribbon/ Yarn (Optional)
4) Bead for decoration (Optional)
5) Scissors
6) Thread

Alright peeps! I will see you again during the weekend with another tutorial. I am thinking something 'Christmasy'? Till then, have fun and I love you more than an over decorated poodle!
This was also a collab with my crazy best friend and you can check out his tutorial here
Poodle Plushie Template
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