DIY Fashion: 5 Minute Elegant Felt Cat Necklace Tutorial

Hello Fluffies! Four more days till Christmas and with all these gifts I have gotten and made for my family and friends, I think it is about time I made something cute for myself to wear this year. Next week, I will be showing you some outfits I got for Christmas, but before that, I decided to make this really cute necklace to go with one of my black outfits. As you probably know, I have an unhealthy fixation for cats, bunnies and puppies, hence the reason, I thought this elegant but cute felt cat necklace would go perfectly with my outfit.
The materials I used to make this can be found lying around your house, or at your nearest craft store. Instead of using a conventional chain for the necklace, I thought using a ribbon would add a twist of romance and elegance to something this simple ( This may also be a result of my obsessive compulsive need to have ribbon with all my accessories...harr..dee..harr).
As always, you can opt out and use a chain instead. I would recommend a brass colored one for that timeless vintage look, or if you are going for something trendier with a touch of fun, try colored beads in different shapes and sizes.

Now lets look at some of the things you will need to make this cute DIY cat necklace.

Things you need for this project:
Felt or Scrap fabric
Ribbon in 2 different lengths (watch video for more information)
Fabric/Felt glue ( UHU is highly recommended if you can find one in your country)
Beads for decor

So this is it. I guess this would be my last video tutorial before Jingle Bells start ringing. I will try my best to slot in another tutorial before then, but if I don't, I would like to take this gracious opportunity to wish all you fluffy cozy awesome people a MERRY CHRISTMAS! I wish I could send all of you presents, but I guess, my videos will have to do. LOL! Lame...I know..pfft.

Alright! Have fun and if my template is not up by today, it will probably be up tomorrow or Sunday. Enjoy!
Cat Pendant Template
To save template, right click and choose 'Save Image As'
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