DIY Fashion : Cute Bow Tie Necklace From Felt

This week we are making this really cute but classy vintage looking bow tie necklace. I love how it looks cute, but grown up, classy and vintage altogether. It is really simple to make. I'm going to show you how I make these. I have so many of these stashed at home in different colours as I am a fan of vintage and I'm definitely a fan of cute.
I've seen these bow tie necklaces selling at stores for ridiculous prices, hence the reason I got crafty and decided to make my own.
Actual screenshot from my tutorial
The best part about these cuties is that you are able to make them short or long. I like it both ways depending on what I wear. Get creative, try this with felt (mine is made with felt), linen, cotton, any kind of fabric to be honest! Bows are never out of fashion. Definitely a must have in every girly girl's closet.
Bow Tie Necklace
And now for the bow tie templates! Happy week dudies!
Aiko - out -


  1. So cute!

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