Cute Dresses: Howl's Moving Castle Inspired Outfit Lookbook

Happy weekend fluffeteers! I hope you guys have some fun stuff planned for the weekend. I, on the other hand, have a dinner date I am really looking forward to. It has been so long since I wolfed down an entire serving of sushi. Oh, that thought. I can't even. (*drools*)

Now that the pleasantries are over (or more like drool intro), lets jump into two cute outfits I put together inspired by Howl's Moving Castle. If you have not watched this anime, I bid you goodbye now, and demand that you Google this. It is too awesome to pass on. Studio Ghibli makes the best anime, and every time I watch something made by them, I somehow transport back to my childhood where everything is about fantasy, games, fun and cute animals.

Fun fact: Howl's Moving Castle was a film adaptation from a book originally written by Diana Wynne Jones. It was also one of the highest grossing films in Japan's history and was nominated for Best Animation Feature in the 78th Academy Awards.

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Vintage Hand Painted Bag, knapsack
Vintage Oxford Shoes
I was always inspired by Sophie's sense in fashion. Very conservative, simple and vintage. I had the perfect dress for her character and chose a light olive colored puffy sleeve dress to resemble the one she wore in the anime. This dress could appear somewhat 'old fashioned' in today's trendy world, but who cares, vintage is timeless in my opinion.
Now, let's talk about that amazing bag! It is literally so pretty. No words to describe this sorcery, I swear. The windmill painted on the bag somehow reminded me of this anime and I had to show it to you. I also love the fact that it is knapsack style with dainty little leather straps and a gold buckle which makes this all the more priceless and old school.

Fun fact: Did you know that huge wind turbines can supply energy to 600 homes in the US? Experts predict that by the time we reach year 2050, one third of the world's population will depend on wind to generate energy.

Howl's Bird Form
Oh Howl, how I wish I could marry you in real life. The mighty, notorious, reclusive wizard with a horrible reputation but a kind heart and oh, so, handsome. I chose to portray Howl's bird form in this outfit. I love how the feather prints are somewhat vintage and geometrical. The dark blue/blackish color closely resembles the color of Howl in his bird form.
I completed the look with ankle boots and white socks to give it some edge and texture. I also slipped on my favorite DIY headband I  made a gezillion years ago. I also wore it in this post here and here.

So there you go! Another outfit post after a two week hiatus. I hope you liked it as much as I did and don't forget to check out Howl's Moving Castle. Must watch. You won't regret. I would love to hear your reviews about it and if Howl charts the list of the world's top 10 most gorgeous human sapient alive.

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