Cute & Casual Outfits : Alice In Wonderland Inspired Lookbook

Hello fluffies! I am really excited about today's outfits because it is inspired by one of my favorite stories of all time, Alice in Wonderland! I love the whimsical, quirky and magical feel of the story as Alice travels through a mystical land with the most beautiful characters of all time. Today, I was inspired by 3 characters from Alice in Wonderland and put together outfits based on my interpretation of them. I love putting together outfits that are inspired and I think it brings fashion and creativity to an all new level. Forget the average everyday la-di-da of having to keep up with fashion trends. Instead, opt in for something that will make you feel good and look good instead. Now that I am done preaching, lets dive into the looks I have put together this week! Ahhh..the excitement!

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Alice has been a fashion inspiration to many over the years. She started off being a cartoon character which is my favorite by the way. Soon, she was interpreted in so many ways and today, we even have the goth version of Alice. I wanted to capture the original Alice vibe in this outfit and decided to go with a puffy sleeve A-line dress with diamante geometrical designs in blue and white from ClosetMino.

To pull the dress together, I put on a huge bow belt purchased quite a long time ago. The shoes are probably my favorite part of this outfit. It is edgy, vintage and dolly all at the same time. The only problem I had was not wanting to take them off because they are just so pretty. To add a hint of Alice to my outlook seeing that I don't have long golden locks, I made my very own DIY bow headband from a twist velvet wire.

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Outfit Details:
Headband: DIY
Dress: ClosetMino
Belt: WSD
Lace Socks: Daiso
Shoes: Lush Serendipity

Cheshire Cat
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Cheshire cat. If I could adopt him, I would do that, and feed him french fries, just because. After the Mad Hatter, Cheshire is my favorite character in the cartoon. I love his sly, cheeky grin and his ability to disappear into the abyss without a trace. Like Alice, the Cheshire cat, has also gone through many phases of change, and as always, I am forever in favor of the original. Inspired by the purple color he had going on back in the day, I chose this beautiful Peter Pan collared chiffon dress in purple. This dress reminded me of candy, nature and a purple cat. This is my favorite dress from ClosetMino so far, because it is a one of a kind steal. To tone down everything and bring balance to this outfit, I decided to put on beige colored socks and a pair of the most beautiful candy colored mint green wedges in the world. Yes, I said world.

Outfit Details:
Hat: Thrift shope
Dress: ClosetMino
Knee High Socks: Daiso
Shoes: Lush Serendipity

Queen Of Hearts
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The evil manipulative Queen Of Hearts. I don't fancy her much, but that itself was the purpose of her character. I have to say though, I absolutely adore her sense of taste. This outfit is special because I decided to dress the exact opposite of her character. I took elements of color and pattern from her trademark look, but made this a friendly, warm and comfy outfit instead of a dense and rigid one. The heart stockings were a DIY project eons ago, and the pair of shoes and socks are no stranger to my outfits or you. If you watched my lookbook video, you will see that this is a beautiful crochet dress with heart designs on it and was a perfect match for this outfit idea. To add some comfy on this, I threw on a long sleeveless cottony overall cardigan and used its belt for my dress instead. What do you think?

Outfit Details:
Hat: Thrift Store
Overalls: Indie Stall
Dress: ClosetMino
Stockings: DIY
Socks: Daiso
Oxford Wedges: Japan bought

Alright my fluffies! This is the end of my post, don't forget to follow my blog if you fancy my posts and check out the lookbook video below for details on the outfits. Let me know in the comments below which was your favorite outfit and version of Alice In Wonderland. Till then, have a wonderful blast this weekend!
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