DIY Fashion: Felt Pusheen Cat, Lady Pawpaw Hairpin Tutorial

Why hello there lovely people! I hope all of you are doing nice and fine this week. I would like to first apologize for not being able to post anything last weekend, I had a few things to take care of hence my disappearance. Anyways, all is good now and I am back with the cutest DIY fashion tutorial ever.

I was browsing Google for my daily cute fix a few days back and came across Pusheen's version of Lady Gaga. First reaction? "ZOMG CAT IZZ DIVA! ".
This cat is so cute, I have no words..
Nope. None.

Before the impulse to reach out and steal Lady Pawpaw from my computer screen, it was simply a must to make the felt version of this.

There is however, a tiny twist to this mini (literally) project. Instead of making the traditional plush version of Pusheen, I decided to turn this cute little cat into a DIY fashion project instead.

Where do we put Lady Pawpaw you say?

Why, on your hair of course!
Pusheen Cat, Lady Pawpaw Template
Tiniest template in the world! 
1) To save this template, simply right click and choose 'Save as'. The template is uploaded in its original size, however you can go ahead and blow it up if you want. I think a plushie version of this would look rather cute as well.
2) Be extra careful when putting this project together as the pieces are tiny and practically non existent. HAH!

3) Click here to learn how to do the ultimate *fake embroidery* Aiko style.

Good luck!
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