How To Make Sushi The Flying Cat Plushie Tutorial

Happy Monday everyone! Today we make this super kawaii flying cat named Sushi. She is a cute blue kitty with blushing cheeks and Japanese eyes.
When I made her, I was hungry and craving for, well, you know, Sushi hence the name. It suits her somehow, maybe? I have been trying to create a few characters for Hapy Friends Shoppe and Sushi might make the cut. I kind of like the whole idea of having a flying cat for a mascot.
Who knows? I'll keep you guessing just for fun. Tee hee! In the mean time, I hope you liked the video tutorial. Let me know what you think of Sushi and if she should have a dedicated hall of fame made just for her awesomeness.

Till then,
Happy week fluffies!

Sushi The Flying Cat Template
To save template, right click and choose "Save Picture As"

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  1. hello aiko..i'm just did you make that adorable sushi's eyes..i didn't get the information on how to sew those eyes clearly..hope that you could help me so that i could have sushi myself..thanks

    1. Hello there! basically you need to cut out 2 eyes according to the template and embroider over it with repeated fell stitches and thats it :)

    2. thanks..i'll take note on your advice and i'll try my best to make sushi.. :0..thanks again the your tutorials so much!!!

  2. so cute! can you please make a tutorial for a dog in one of ur videos?