Sailormoon, Chibiusa Inspired Outfit and My Secret Haven

Hello there fluffies! As you probably know, I have two other outfits inspired by Sailor Moon, an all time evergreen manga/anime. You can find my other outfits here, however I really wanted Chibiusa to have her very own thread, because I simply love this outfit inspired by her, tea time picnics and candy colored pastels.

Chibiusa or otherwise known as Rini in the English version is the daughter of Usagi and Mamoru. She is also the youngest in the group and is known for being a little playful, pink clad prankster. I love her character in the series and thought that this play time outfit I put together portrayed her best. Or at least in my own opinion.

I chose a pretty pompom cardigan with lace details and teamed it up with this really over the top cute, pink cupcake dress gifted to me by ClosetMino. I think muted pastels go really well together no matter the outfit, plus it gets a little chilly here when it rains which gives me the perfect excuse to don layers. I finished this look with a pair of ribbon socks and an ice cream colored pair of oxford shoes. I LOVE PASTELS. Ridiculous, I know.
I really enjoyed shooting my outfits this week. It has been raining the entire week and I love how dewy it feels in the mornings. I also decided to show you something I never have in my outfit shots and this is a place I always come to when I need some space to think and clear my thoughts. Very likely situation if you live in the twenty first century of hubbubs.
I have been living in my area for about 8 years now, but only recently discovered a tiny little passage way to this place I call my secret haven. I am not sure about you guys, but to me secrets stay secrets for a long, long time and I am pretty serious when it comes to keeping them. I kid you not my friends. My mom asked me where this place was when I showed her the pictures to this outfit and I simply told her, and I quote, "Oh, just some garden nearby".
I am quite the introvert in real life, even though many of you see me as a bubbly, talkative person on the internet. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that I am allowed to be who I really am on Google without being judged (most of the time). Real life can sometimes be harsh, and it is not everyday you meet someone with the same interests as you. As I mentioned here, most of my school days were spent in a close knit group of 3 or 4 and that same relationship has flourished till today. When I started working, I mostly concentrated on the tasks handed out to me and went home right after to craft or read.
I can't say that I dislike being alone, in fact, I enjoy it on more than one occasion simply because I am able to do the things I like, ponder and dream about ridiculous things without anyone coming at me with a judge hammer. It also gives me space to be creative and embrace the beauty that is life. Cheesy? Maybe.

So where do I do all this thoughtless thinking? I found this little stairway on an evening walk one day and it looked so pretty and picturesque as you can probably tell from my photographs. Part scared, part curious, I decided to take the plunge and ventured down the steps. I am so glad I did because it led me to this little tiny hill with wild hibiscus flowers growing out of nowhere, tiny bushes and a huge Totoro like tree shading the entire area. So pretty! I decided to name this my secret garden. A place where I have gotten most of my written and creative inspiration. A place I usually escape to when real life spews uncertainty and moves at lightning speed.
So why do you ask am I sharing my little big secret with you? Simple really, you have no idea where I live! LOL!..Shucks...way to ruin a perfectly crafted blog post.
Jokes aside, I really wanted to share this with you. I think that by sharing little bits and pieces of me on my blog, I am able to open up and let more people in my life.
Isn't it magical? Welcome to my secret garden fluffies. I hope you stay.

Do you have a secret haven you escape to? I would love to know about it, so tell me in the comments. Don't forget to also look at my other outfits inspired by Sailor Moon and watch my lookbook video for detailed close ups.

Big huggs and have a great weekend fluffies!

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: ClosetMino
Dress: ClosetMino
Socks: Daiso
Pastel Oxford shoes: Thrift shop ( gift from my bff)
Stairway to safely kept secrets...
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  1. Supercute Aiko! Love sailormoon and we have a Totoro tree that we take my kids to play in. They always hope to see Totoro! Xx

  2. That is such a cute story about your secret garden :) BTW I am in love with this outfit! Such cute details like the matching of your socks and shoes, ahh <3