Cute Outfits : Sailor Moon Inspired Outfit Lookbook

Hello Fluffeteers! I hope you are having a great weekend! I am planning a full on camping trip this weekend with my brother and 2 other friends. We have bought us a life supply of yummy, unhealthy canned food to go and I can't wait to live among mosquitoes, singing crickets and other creepy crawlies for a day.

This week, I decided to do another request fashion lookbook and picked Sailor Moon for a theme. As always, I don't do full on Cosplay, neither do I put an outfit together according to the exact style or colors of the characters I am inspired by. Instead, I like putting a spin of different things into my inspired outfits and somehow connect them to my love for vintage accents.

I have three outfits altogether for this fashion lookbook, but decided to write a personal post for the third, which you will find here revealing one of my best well kept secrets. (toodle-dee-doo).

Lets jump into the outfit details and don't forget to watch my video lookbook for a close up at the end of this post. Enjoy!

Sailor Moon Inspired Outfit
I was inspired to take accents from Sailor Moon's civilian uniform, and was particularly intrigued by the big red bow tie she had. I am a sucker for bows, always have been, always will be. I chose this deep red skater dress to represent the bow and I love how this dress hugs you at the right places and flares out just like Sailor Moon's skirt in the manga..

I always say that I am not your typical skinny girl on the street, so having dresses like these always help keep 'Miss Pudgy' at bay. In the manga, the girls wore black Mary Jane shoes, but I wanted some edge in the outfit and opted for black ankle boots instead. And the hat? There always is a hat. It is my go to fix on a bad hair day.

Outfit Details:
Red Skater Dress: Closet Mino
White Ankle Socks: Daiso
Shoes: Thrift Store

Luna Sailor Moon Inspired Outfit
Luna the cat. Luna the human. I am not sure how I connected Luna to butterflies, Mori Kei fashion and polka dotty knee high socks. In my defense, I think Luna reminded me of graceful butterflies in her human form. She looked regal, and oh so pretty with her long black hair. The cardigan was something I wanted to throw over to give this a softer look. Not really a fan of black in big doses. I chose this one piece dress as it had a black top and the prettiest pastel yellow fabric skirt with vintage butterfly prints.

The bottom half of the skirt is one of kind really. The fabric feels like a mix of linen and cotton and has such a beautiful texture to it. I finished the look with a pair of black polka dot knee high socks and tan vintage oxford shoes to infuse my love for Mori girl fashion a little further.

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Davideal
Dress: ClosetMino
Socks: Daiso
Shoes: Dresslink

Alright fluffies! I hope you enjoyed this picture heavy post. Don't forget to visit my other post for a Chibiusa inspired outfit vintage candy style! 

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you again next week! Off I go on a weekend filled with laughter, music and mosquito repellent!

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