How To Make Kawaii Dumpling Plushies

Dumplings! My favorite dumplings definitely have to be prawn dumplings. I simply love them. This tutorial was inspired by my love for food? Anyway, I have been wanting to make these babies for a long time now. The only problem was that I did not have any idea how to make them. So I decided to bring out my felt and start experimenting! My first try was atrocious. They turned out rather horrendous, hence I politely decline not to post pictures of my failed craft ventures. However, I managed to get the swing of how to create those crumple little looking tops and the secret to it were running stitches! How convenient. These dumplings took me about 20 minutes tops to make because barely any sewing involved. And you could get rather experimental with different faces and so forth.

Enough of me jabbering about my failures, lets bring out the template and video tutorial ! Do let me know if the template works for you and send me pictures! I would love to see them definitely!
Dumpling Template
If the lemon sliced shapped piece does not really fit your base because stitches may differ in size, you could just trim it to your liking.