Fashion Lookbook: Disney's Little Mermaid Inspired Outfits

Hi fluffies! I have been wanting to do Disney's Little Mermaid inspired outfits for a long time now and a ton of you requested for this fashion outfit lookbook on my YouTube channel, so here goes my "Mermaidian" friends!

Ariel The Mermaid Inspired Outfit
Ariel, little mermaid inspired outfit, ootd, fashion, style, lookbook
mint green tutu skirt, floral vintage blouse, mint green shoes, dolly outfit, ootd, fashion blogger
I may not have cotton candy colored hair or skin as white as snow to pass off as a mermaid, but hey, it  is 2013 now and I would like to think that mermaids have evolved, got into the jive of having a short crop and basked under the sun more for a healthy tan while sitting their pretty little tails on a rock just like Ariel. Woo hoo! Long sentence. 

Anyways, this outfit was inspired by Ariel. She had a more significant green to her tail, but I love pastels, hence the pretty mint green tutu skirt. This skirt is my favorite at the moment. I love how it moves with the wind and flounces as you walk. I paired the skirt with a vintage floral bow chiffon blouse I got from a store back home and this blouse, believe it or not has been with me for a couple of years now. As much as I love getting new stuff, I am always for keeping old treasured outfits whether or not they are trendy or 'in'. But then again, I am probably not your regular fashion blogger. 

To finish off this whole look, I pulled out my pair of favorite doll like mint green shoes from Lush Serendipity. These pair of shoes substitutes a mermaid tail like no other. 

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Outfit Details:
Blouse: Dolly Face
Skirt: ClosetMino

Ursula The Sea Witch Inspired Outfit
Ursula, sea witch inspired outfit, disney outfits, mermaid, black net crochet dress, dolly black wedges, vintage outfit
black net dress, disney ursula, vintage edgy, outfit, fashion, style, blogger
Bad guys always have better stuff. Ursula being one of them. I mean really, who gets to have a human body with multiple legs? Witchcraft at that? Blessed I say. I decided to pick Ursula and play the bad guy for once. I liked her dark nature and it also gave me an opportunity to flaunt this beautiful black netted crochet dress.

I completed my little black dress with these pair of dolly wedges and some of you asked me if these shoes were uncomfortable in my previous lookbook video. Well to be honest, I am not going to say it right out that these would be comfortable if you have never worn angled wedges before as it does need some practice getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it feels just like any other kind of shoe. I find that angled wedges work really well with me and gives me a good amount of height and enhances the shape of my calves. If you don't have it, fake it! Ah, the irony.

Outfit Details
Dress: ClosetMino
Socks: Daiso
Shoes: Lush Serendipity

Alright my ethereal fluffy mermaids, I hope you liked yet another ramble and picture heavy post of my mermaid inspired outfits. Don't forget to check the video out for visual details and tell me your thoughts in the comments if you think mermaids should really just evolve and have a short crop instead of long amazing tresses. Oh and the tan, we can't forget the tan.

P/S: I also have a bonus Little Mermaid Inspired outfit posted here. Find out what Ariel wore for her wedding day!

Toodles and have a great weekend dudettes!

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  1. Hii!! Ohh this is soo creative and unique!! I would never came up with idea of making an outfit like ariel but without all the mermaid taily stuff etc. I love your Ursula outfit too!! I lovee watching your plushies tutorials!! My first plushie was made from your video! It was the cat... But I made it blue :D Could u plz vidit my blog? That would mean a lot to me!

    Xx Barbora

    1. Ooo i am glad you found me here! You have such a special blog <3 I visited you and loved your 50 random facts. I might do it myself <3 have a new follower <3 hugs

  2. The Ariel outfit is so pretty! But the Ursula one is definitely more my style and I'd love to try to recreate it. This is such a cool idea, I love your blog!

    Seren xo

    1. ooo seren you have such a pretty blog!! I think you have very edgy fashion sense too <3 thank you for leaving your link here. I love getting to know more people in the blogging arena <3 hugs

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