Kiki's Delivery Service : Jiji Plushie Tutorial

Studio Ghibli, I cannot explain the immense, undying love that I have for your anime creations. You have kept me company through hard times, and stirred all kinds of fuzzy feelings especially with Kiki's Delivery Service. Today we are making Kiki's pet cat, Jiji into a plushie. I absolutely love how quirky Jiji is with the huge googly eyes and bright red bow. I decided to make Jiji into a semi 3D plush if that made any sense at all. I wanted to try something new and I think it worked out quite alright not to mention that it also stands upright nicely by my work desk.
Jiji is quite simple to make. The head is in 2D whereas the body is in 3D so it stands upright. The bow was also made from felt. I have a tutorial on how you make these cuties on my YouTube channel. I shall leave you with the template below and I can't wait to see your rendition on Jiji.
Which is your favorite Studio Ghibli character? Mine is definitely Jiji. Hands down. Sorry Tortoro fans, but you simply cannot beat a black cat with huge ears and a red bow.
Jiji Template

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  1. hi aiko!! i just found your blog and its like a dream come true... i love cute plushies that i can make myself!!! totoro is definitely cute (haha look at my pic) but i REALLY love calcifer in howls moving castle. Go studio ghibli!!!

  2. Hi Aiko, lovely Jiji, I also like it very much, Jiji and Totoro are my favourites, I adore studio ghibli!thanks for sharing the pattern!!