Little Mermaid Inspired Outfit : Ariel's Wedding Dress

It has been a while since my last outfit post and I thought I'd open the show again with something light, fun and Disney inspired. Recently, I had the most pleasant opportunity to pick out some dresses from ClosetMino and I love the fact that they have the most fairy tale like dresses. They have been a favorite for such a long time now and they don't mass produce their designs which is a game winner.
I am always intrigued with vintage fashion, simply because it makes me happy and if I ever had a choice, I would love to have lived somewhere in the 30's - 60's just to experience life the simple way and fit my chubby little self into a corset. Yes, I find corsets quite amusing.
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Before I deviate even more about corsets, lets look at what I put together inspired by the beautiful Ariel, from Disney's Little Mermaid cartoon animation. I am doing a specific outfit lookbook video this weekend showing more Little Mermaid inspired outfits, however I really thought that this dress deserved a dedicated post because it is so special.
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I chose this shift dress and it had the prettiest hand embroidery design throughout. I love details and even more so if they are handmade. This dress in particular reminded me of Ariel's wedding dress, only the shorter, not so puffy version. The scalloped edges of the dress represent mermaids or at least it does in my little imaginative brain. Perfect for an inspired outfit.
vintage outfit, little mermaid outfit, shift dress, fashion
Shift dresses don't particular go well with my body type. For some reason, I find myself always swimming in them and believe me when I say it is not because I am skinny as I am very well not. I probably think it has a strange connection with my height. I am quite a shorty in real life. However, I found myself looking rather alright in this one. Weird. Mermaids must have graced me with temporary awesomeness for this fashion shoot. HAH!
vintage outfit, shift dress, handmade shoes, mesh hat, fashion blogger, style
I wanted a vintage casual look to this outfit even though mermaids are not necessarily about mesh hats and handmade shoes, but I thought it would be fun to bring a different vibe to this theme instead of the usual sensual, sexy persona mermaids exude. I pulled this entire outfit together with my favorite mesh hat and handmade shoes bought in India eons ago. I am a hoarder when it comes to old things, and I swear I have sewn this pair of shoes back together at least 3 times now. Way to go cheapo.

Alright my fashion fluffies! I hope you enjoyed the pictures and my ramblings. Let me know in the comments if you too have a problem with shift dresses and height. It would be nice to not be the only fluff with height problems.
With that, I wave to you a mermaid-ian  goodbye.

Outfit Details:
Dress: ClosetMino
Hat: Thrift Store
Shoes: Handmade in India
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