How To Make A Kawaii Korilakkuma Milk Carton Plushie Tutorial

Korilakkuma, Milk Carton Plushie, Tutorial
Hello fluffies ! I made this cute Korilakkuma milk carton plush over the weekend and decided to turn it into a little tutorial to get you through the week. Personally, for some odd reason, I wasn't really happy with the turn out but most of you liked it on my Facebook and Instagram so I decided to post the plushie tutorial anyway. I will probably re-make this again sometime in the near future and update this craft post with a cuter picture. LOL!
This is a really easy plush to make so I decided to change this up and make it an inside out plush if that made any sense. Most milk carton plushies I have seen on the internet are made inside out or in other words, sewn on the inside and flipped over to the right side after. However, they were all machine sewn, something I am not really accustomed to. I believe that sewing machines were made to make me miserable because I can never sew a good piece on one. Hence the white flag raised to any future attempts. Nevertheless, I love hand sewing and it keeps me calm especially when I am down, so I suppose that is a good thing.

With that said, I hope you guys enjoyed this plushie tutorial. Let me know what you think and don't forget to send me a picture if you ever attempt this cute Korilakkuma milk carton plush. Toodles and have a great week peeps!
Korilakkuma Milk Carton Template

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  1. Amazing, you are an artist, I encata your video, as usual, you're the best.

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