How To Make A Kawaii Horse Plushie Tutorial

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Hello fluffies! I decided to make this really kawaii horse plushie over the weekend and managed to film a tutorial for it. I named my horse Kiki and she has the most beautiful rainbow colored mane ever! I was somewhat inspired by rainbows, unicorns and horses all in one go and decided to make use of my crazy imagination and bring this very idea to life. LOL!
I love the weekends. It is the only time I get to sit back and really enjoy a cup of coffee. Most of my weekends are spent in a park somewhere, at home or in my craft studio. I feel that I can craft freely during the weekend and have no need to stop, make a business phone call, answer unruly corporate kind of  boring e-mails and the list goes on. This is one of the biggest reasons why I decided to move crafty tutorials to the weekdays, because I always make them during the weekends.
Now lets talk horse. This design was a random one. I pretty much got inspired by the many pictures available on the internet and decided to design my own. Kiki the rainbow horse is easy to make. It might look a tad bit difficult, but as long as you work in stages, I promise there will be no casualties. I always start from head to end and this method helps me a ton when I sew, especially if it is a complicated plush.

Alright my rainbow colored fluffies! Let me know what you thought of my horse plushie tutorial. I would also love to know if you would name a girl pet Kiki. I know I just did. HAH! Happy week peeps. May rainbows and unicorns pave a wonderful magical road till your next break time!

And now for the template:
Horse Plushie Template
To save template, right click and choose 'Save Image As' 

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  1. On the template the circle is marked as "head". Is that the body piece?