Sanrio's Chococat Inspired Outfit: Experimenting The Edge In Me

So, I am not particularly edgy in anyway when it comes to outfits. In fact, most of the time I fail attempting an edgy look because I always end up choosing something cute or floral  when it comes to fashion. Definitely a girl thing.

However, I decided to take a tiny little plunge today. I was inspired by Sanrio's Chococat when I put this together. I have two other posts showing you more Sanrio inspired outfits which I will link here and here. One more vintage and the other more casual, but lets talk about my thoughts and attempt at edgy fashion today.
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Truth be told, I think that the edgy look most fashion bloggers are sporting these days can get overrated. I have browsed through a ton of blogs seeing the same kind of infusion of edge. I am not sure if this is a trend as I am no trendsetter or fashion guru in any kind of way. I am just a girl who loves clothes and often put an outfit together inspired by quirky things like characters from an anime or a favorite brand like Sanrio.
Nevertheless, an experiment of some sort came to mind when I pieced this outfit together in hope to capture some edge while not banishing my love for cute. I got this striped tent dress from Kooding and they carry a ton of branded original Korean outfits which is great as you don't have to worry about your clothes arriving in tatters unlike other duplicate online stores.

Don't get me wrong, I will always be a cheapo at heart when it comes to finding outfits that come with a good price, but it takes patience and more of it to do so. Hence the reason, I always stick with my favorites when it comes to shopping online as I am guaranteed a satisfactory purchase or so to speak.
monochrome stripe dress, tent dress, fashion blogger, black dolly wedges, black stockings, edgy, cute style
Monochrome fashion also seem to be 'in' as of late, and trust me, I had no idea what this meant, until I hit the Google button. Apparently it is a pairing of black and white in the form of stripes, spots and so forth. I don't usually fancy these kinds of patterns unless they come in a pastel pink color and have cute little cupcakes printed on top, but I guess this is an exception as I loved the shape of the dress and I found the sleeves cute in a weird kind of way.

On to my little edgy adventure, I swapped my usual knee high socks for a pair of black sheer stockings and wore my usual dolly wedges. These wedges looked somewhat bad ass to be honest without the usual white socks and probably contributed to the edge factor the most.
But as always, I don't intend to lose myself in this craziness, and placed a cute DIY bow headband in black to keep my look somewhat cutesy. I think I rather liked this outfit. I would wear this to a party and feel on top of the world, but in all good faith, I would swap this pair of black stockings for my usual knee highs and flat pumps any day. After all, my purpose of starting a fashion related segment to my blog and channel was never to to blend in with the cool kids, but to showcase my style as an individual.

What do you think about the growing monotonous vibe in trending fashion? Do you jump on the 'cool' band wagon? Or would you prefer to retain your individuality and style when it comes to fashion? What do you think of my little experiment to attempt edgy fashion? Let me know!

Outfit Details:
Dress: DaBaGirl, Kooding
            More DaBaGirl brand outfits
Stockings: Daiso
Shoes: Lush Serendipity

As always, you will be able to see this 'cutesy edgy' piece in my lookbook video below. Enjoy!

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  1. LOVE this!! you are so pretty and the dress is amazing!

  2. I think you are edgy Aiko. You stand out and have your own style and ideas alot of fashion bloggers look the same and in the latest trends. You stay cute girl xxx

    1. thank you emma!! might i say that you break every single fashion rule rock while you do it. I love your style even more and always look forward to new posts from you! <3 hugs thanks for always supporting me