DIY Fashion Tutorial : No Sew Cute Mustache Bow Tie

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Hi fluffies! Today we are making this really cute Mustache Bow Tie/Neck Tie. The awesome thing about this really cute DIY fashion tutorial is that you can change it up and make it into a mustache necklace instead. How cool is that? I wanted to put a spin of fun into this and added a layer of vintage scrap fabric to give this a really nice finish.
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Mustache Bow Ties make a great accessory when paired with a cute vintage collared blouse. I am wearing my all time favorite floral puffy sleeve collared blouse and when I say favorite, I literally mean it. This blouse has served me for many years now and is a  frequent accompaniment with most of my outfits. I am one for recycling my outfits over and over again and I couldn't care less if it is a fashion sin.
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Now, lets just say, you don't really fancy bow ties, all you need to do is lengthen the ribbon, tie it loose and you have a really cute mustache necklace. This project is super simple, literally took me about 2 minutes minus waiting time for the glue to dry. Perfect DIY project for beginners as there is absolutely no sewing involved. Let me know what you think of my little mustache bow ties. What color would you make yours in?
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Lets look at the template now shall we?
Mustache Bow Tie Template

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