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Hello fluffies! Interesting post today. A few months ago, I was contacted by Cat from the Cut  Out + Keep crew to be featured in their well established craft and DIY website. Right after I said YES a thousand and two times, I said yes again, and celebrated with a huge box of ice cream. This is how excited I am about this feature. A few years before I decided to build my own blog and YouTube channel dedicated to fashion, crafts and fashion DIY projects, Cut Out + Keep was my go to place for inspiration. Filled with ideas, tutorials and a bunch of really awesome people, this is a community built on hard work and passion. I take my hat off to the owners for creating a home for us wondering craft artisans.
Click HERE to read feature interview 
Take a peak at my interview and find out what inspires me as a craft artisan. Dig into my cluttered world of craft and don't forget to check out what Cut Out + Keep has in store for all you DIY frenzy girls and boys. 
Cat, I would like to thank you personally for being such a wonderful person ! 

Lets close this post with me showing off my badge of honor given to me by Cut Out + Keep. Self absorbed?
Maybe. Ice cream anyone?

Aiko - out -

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