DIY 2 Minute Bunny Necktie : Fashion Tutorial (OOTD)

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Happy weekend everyone! I hope all of you are having a good one this week. I know I am about to have a crazy one and to celebrate that, I put together an outfit representing just that. Crazy, quirky, fun and playful. We are going to start off by making this really cute bunny necktie or otherwise known as a lady tie from felt. I decided to use felt for reasons that are obvious. I got lazy. I have seen a ton of other awesome tutorials on the internet and as amazing as each of them were, they involved a ton of sewing and I wanted something a little easier to make without compromising the essence of the design itself.
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Felt neckties are insanely easy to make as it involves no sewing. All you need is some fabric glue, felt pieces according to the tutorial and that is it! It literally took me under 5 minutes to make this and I love how the finished piece looked. I paired this necktie up with a chiffon polka dotted blouse with lace trimmings on the top while my shorts were initially a pair of jeans from GUESS. I found that it looked a wee bit too tight as a whole, and decided to snip it short. I rolled up the ends, hemmed the edges and voila! My very own super short shorts.
bunny necktie, polka dots, shorts, DIY fashion tutorial I also wore black stockings and black studded flat pumps to finish the look giving  it some edge. I love how this entire outfit turned out. I also think this bunny necktie/lady tie will be a long time favorite friend. Lets drink some juice to that!
Would you wear a necktie? If so, what kind? Let me know in the comments. In the mean time, peace out my fluffies.

Edit : This blog post and tutorial was featured in Independent Fashion Blogger's weekly round up. How cool is that? :D
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Bunny Necktie Template

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  1. That is so adorable! Plus you couldn't have picked a cuter blouse to go with it :) so sweet!
    Marwa x

  2. I found your link through IFB and love your DIY idea. So cute!

  3. Hi! I found your link through IFB, we were both chosen for the May 30th roundup. I love this post, very original. The photos are lovely too:) I will continue to check back in on your blog.

    1. thank you so much!!! I checked out your blog and it is so pretty! You are so gorgeous too!

  4. Such a cute DIY! I love that it's easy & quick, nothing worse than getting excited for a new project only to realize you need to go to 15 stores just to collect all the pieces! :)

    1. Oh trust me it happens to me all the time! I get excited about a project and end up not having the complete pieces to make it happen! HUGS

  5. Love that polka dots top!!!! congrats on the IFB!!!