DIY Korilakkuma Beanie Baby Necklace : Fashion Tutorial (OOTD)

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Happy week my fluffies! The weather here is great for a picnic. I love it here when the days are sunny but not too warm or humid. I managed to film my outfit of the day for the video tutorial on this really cute Korilakkuma beanie baby necklace I am wearing. This pretty vintage floral chiffon summer dress was a steal back in Japan and I love how soft to the touch it is which is great for the weather here. I slapped on a really random mesh hat to accompany this look and I think it turned out rather cute! Now all I need to do is to slip into a pair of pastel pink ballerina flats and I am all set for the day out.
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Now lets talk about this adorable little necklace we made in the tutorial. This an easy to make accessory and all you need is some felt, uncooked rice for the stuffing, chains in your choice of color, jump rings, toggle clasp for closure and not forgetting your jewelry tools. A beautiful handmade pastel pink bow was used to accompany Korilakkuma, thanks to Carmen who sent this to me as a gift. I love the pastel look of this entire necklace and it makes a great add on to any kind of casual outfit.
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Alright fluffies. Time to say goodbye now while I have a fun day at the park. I shall see you again during the weekend. In the mean time, enjoy the tutorial and I hope you liked my little outfit of the day showcase.
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  1. Hi Aiko, i like your latest video. So dreamy..=D
    Need your professional advice, what video maker you are using? And how can i add in words in the video, and that effects like yours? =) You can always reply through email =) Looking forward to speak to you.