Meet My Fluffy Friends : Aiko's Plushie Update

Hello my fluffies! Craft has become such a huge component in my life that I cannot see myself not doing craft. If I am not sewing, I am thinking about what I should sew next, or my next upcycle project. If all else fails, I dig into my wardrobe and find something I can alter, or goods around my house that could use a little 'pretty me up' therapy.You probably would think me a deranged woman with an obsessive compulsive disorder with craft. Well maybe you are right.
It has been a fun week! I managed to sew up these cuties for all of you to see and they were actually orders that came through at the last minute, so thank you hands for being nice and fast. I made characters from San-X and Sanrio and they were the perfect project to have over the week because characters from these 2 brands are definitely my all time favorite.
Rilakkuma Cookie Plushie

Cinnamon Roll Plushie

Oyasumi Bakura Plushie

Pom Pom Purin Plushie

My Melody Plushie

Hello Kitty Plushie

I would love to know which plushie was your favorite ! Mine has to be Hello Kitty, because I have an unhealthy obsession for cats and bows. I would also love to know if any of you are up to any kind of craft projects this week. Comment down below! Reading your replies always inspire me. HUGS
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