How To Sew A Dachshund Puppy Plushie Tutorial

Why hello there friends! I hope all of you are all well and dandy. I for one have picked up quite a loving notion for Dachshund puppies. My aunt's Dachshund dog recently gave birth to little tiny baby Dachshunds and I spent a whole entire day with them all excited and wide eyed like a child is with candy.
To commemorate such a wonderful dog species in which I refer to as pure sorcery (simply because they remind me of homemade sausages), we will be making a really cute Dachshund puppy plush! Right? This cliche moment.
Anyways, I made Pipi (real name..HAH!), the brown doe eyed dachshund puppy and I am pretty happy with how it turned out! Super cute!

Things you will need for this project:
Brown Felt (or any color of your choice)
Black Felt
Thread in the similar colors of your felt
Polyfill stuffing

This is a pretty simple project, my only advice is to make sure you stuff as you go. I also sewed on the body pieces starting from the leg area as it can get a tad bit tricky with so many flippety flop feet on both sides. Other than that, I hope you have fun sewing this plush and don't forget to send me pictures if you ever make this!
xoxo, Aiko
Dachshund Puppy Template
To save, right click and choose 'Save Picture As'

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  1. So cute! I love how you call them sausage dogs XD

  2. what is the type of stitch you always use to sew the smaller parts on? I can never quite catch what you call it and I'm not sure how to do it;3 thank you! xo

    1. It is called fell stitch.
      You can search up tutorials on youtube.