How To Make A Kawaii Molang Toast Plushie Tutorial

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Hello fluffies! I missed you! As always, I hope all is well. Things are pretty hectic these days with the new house and shop. I have done nothing but run around all week but it is pretty worth it because this year seems to be a year of growth especially for me and my family. Anyways, I decided to add another Molang related plush/DIY project to my ever growing huge collection of them. If you are somewhat interested in my past tutorials with Molang as my muse (tee hee), clickety click right here.

So woooopteedoo, this week, we are making a yummy Molang toast plushie! Quite the easy plush, just a little tricky where the strip is concerned. I highly recommend that you take your time especially when you get to the part where you will need to sew the strip to the ears because of the tiny little in between gap. Once you are done sewing the first body piece to the strip, make sure to place the bottom piece nicely and pin it down if you must so you have a guide to help you sew.

Now lets take at the few things you will need for this project. I tend to forget that plushies are so simple to make compared to the normal DIY fashion tutorials I usually do. It literally took me about half and hour to film and edit this and i was very much surprised. LOL! Yep, I am quite the derp.

Things you will need for this project:
Felt ( I used brown and beige)
Thread ( brown, beige and red for cheeks)

See? Simple no? Alright so, I will see you guys again. I hope to be able to come up with something simple for the weekend but if my schedule gets the best of me, we will meet again next week with a tutorial or maybe a lookbook. I haven't done a lookbook in AGES now. I love you to bits my toastie friends and do tell me about your week in the comments! HUGS!

Molang Toast Plush Template
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