DIY FASHION: Edgy Vintage Connected Rings Tutorial

Why hello there wonderful people from planet internet. I hope the weekend has been a great one so far. Today, I decided to look a little edgy and with that, I am going to show you how to make a pair of vintage connected rings with a little spunk. This jewelry tutorial is simple to follow and puts such a different spin to your entire look.

I also dedicate this tutorial to a cause very close to my heart. Sex Trafficking. For the past one month, me, my brother and some friends ran a small campaign to help spread the word aiding in the awareness of sex trafficking and how it has become the highest grossing criminal trade of all time. It also is alarming on how little is done to help the victims who are as young as six years old, and how it is not taken as seriously as it should by the general public.

I am not sure if our efforts will ever create a huge buzz, but to me, every voice counts and a ripple is always the start of something bigger. When we set up this little fashion shop of ours (I call it fashion because we plan to do clothes in the near future) we promised that we would be a different kind of fashion shop. We wanted to be fashion with a cause and this was our very first. Everyday for the past month has been a tiring one, but satisfying nonetheless, because giving back and caring for one another should somehow make its way back into our hearts and out in the open.
Anyways, I will include all the links below on how you can help contribute (no, this has nothing to do with you giving me any form of financial aid) to help spread the word.

Okay! So, back to the tutorial. I used a really cute wing and owl charm. Something that symbolizes freedom from the night. Feel free to create your own themes using assorted charms. If you saw my Alice in Wonderland bracelet tutorial, I wore the same kind of rings in a different theme which is really cool. Lets look at the things that you will need for this ring jewelry tutorial.

Things you will need:
Two ring bases
One extended chain (2cm in width, depending on how big your hands are)
Assorted charms (you will need 2)
Jewelry glue ( I used UHU, because it is awesome)

Alright fluffies! Time for me to sign off before I start rambling about nothingness. LOL! I hope you liked the tutorial and don't forget to check out the links! HUGS you always!


Sex Trafficking Awareness Links:
Our Sex Trafficking Campaign Video
Join the 'Selfie For A Cause' contest here. We are giving out a handmade jewelry set

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