DIY Fashion: Vintage Felt Birdie Purse Tutorial

DIY Vintage Felt Birdie Purse Tutorial
Happy weekend fluffies! Spring is here and unfortunately from where I am, it is either sunny or raining all year round, but I like to play pretend once in a while, relish in some spring goodness and thought birdies would make the perfect spring companion. I was also really inspired by the leather version by A Beautiful Mess and decided to make the felt version of it with a few changes in the design to make it my own.
So this week, we are making a really cute shabby chic vintage felt birdie purse and this is super simple. More or less like sewing a pouch together, only that we are working with bigger felt pieces and a ton of different mediums for decoration like ribbons, lace, buttons, scrap fabric and the likes.
The only thing I would like to point out while making this felt birdie purse is that when you put them together, in the final step, it would be best to make sure you start sewing from the tail, because it is the trickiest part of the project. Other than that, you can pretty much sew this entire bag with ease.

Things you will need to complete this project:
Felt ( I used brown and grey)
Scrap fabric

Alrighty! I am off then. I hope you have a birdtastic week next week and do tell me of your adventures in the comments. Don't forget to hand me some yummy pictures if you ever make this bag. Toodles!


Take note to print your template at 100% for the exact size of the bag. All templates are my own.
Birdie Body Template
Birdie Wing & Tail Template

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  1. Aww what an adorable diy!! You are majorly talented. I wish I could do things like this :)