Finding My Perfect Cocktail Dress

Why hello there everyone. Guess what? I have a cocktail party that needs my attention somewhere next month and I could use some help picking out a cute formal dress. What say you? Help me maybe? I recently had the gracious opportunity to pick out a dress from Victoria's Dress, and they have the prettiest formal evening dresses and long prom dresses ranging from all sorts of materials, designs and sizes.

To be very honest though, I am not really a formal dress kind of girl. I am always content with a cute short skirt and a pair of oxfords ready to prance around to my little travels and adventures. However, sometimes, meeting important people does require some kind of finesse and poise and I figured, this would be a great opportunity to show you three dresses I adored from this online shop. Lets take a look shall we?

A-Line Straps Sleeveless Dress With Beaded Details
I love this dress. I like that is it simple yet elegant and has a hint of vintage which I love. The tulle material is fluffy and airy and gives off that really fairy tale like look, and you guys know how I love my fairy tales. This comes in a multitude of colors but i especially love the champagne color on this one. Looks so whimsical with the beaded details from the waist up. I would pair this with a cute pair of cream pumps and maybe a vintage pearl bracelet of some sort. What do you think?

A-Line Scoop Chiffon Black Cocktail Dress With Handmade Flowers
I picked this one out from the chiffon prom dresses section of the web and I love how big and airy it looks. I sure don't have to worry about pushing my tummy in if I happen to gobble up too much food which is always a plus in my fashion book ( lets not forget my hungry tummy). I like that the skirt flows right out from the chest area creating this huge A-Line flow as you walk. Also, handmade flowers. I love flowers and even more so if it is handmade. I would probably wear this with a pair of dressy ankle boots to give it a little edge and leave everything else bare as the pretty details on this dress speaks for itself in more ways than one.

Column Strap Sleeveless Chiffon Long Dress with Beaded Details
Okay, so the only time I would ever wear a long dress is almost never but I could not resist this awesomeness. Look at that! I love how the back of this dress looks. Maybe a little sexy (good thing. I need some sexy in my life)  but so, so timeless. As you probably noticed, all the dresses I picked has a hint of vintage in them and this is no different. I love the beaded embroidery details on top and how the dress is shaped. Shows off some shoulders while not being overly revealing. This dress somehow reminds me of the great Audrey Hepburn in a modern kind of way, if you get what I mean. I like that it drops right above the ankles which would give me the chance to put on a pair of strapped black heels.

So what do you think of my three most favorite choices? Which one would you pick for a cocktail party? Do let me know in the comments. Also, I would love to know what are your preferences. Do you like short or long evening dresses?
While you ponder on the many questions that I have sent your way, I wish all of you a great weekend ahead. I will be posting a fashion tutorial this weekend so stay tuned for that and yep I shall scoot right about now.
Love you all loads!

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  1. Definitely the first or second!! I think the first one is gorgeous and would really suit you! And the second is really cute, and I also love the fluffy/airy look to it ^^ I tend to prefer long evening dresses, just because I'm plus sized so I feel less self conscious in them eheh, and I think they are more elegant generally...but it depends on the dress!! :) I'm sure whichever one you pick will look stunning on you!

    1. I am sure you would look absolutely gorgeous regardless of your size. I am quite the short one in real life so I don't really wear many long dresses even though I would love to. I am also leaning towards the first one. Thank you for your kind comment <3

  2. The 1st one is gorgeous!!

  3. The first one to the max!!!! I know this might be late, but I am just so sure that you would look SUPER AMAZE-CRAZE in the first one! :)