How To Make A Kawaii Gentleman Bunny Plushie Tutorial

Happy Easter everyone!! I hope you are drenched in happiness and tons of colorful eggs back home! LOL!...My Easter was a rather crazy one but I had so much fun. We finally decided to accept an invitation to be a part of a Vintage craft market here in Penang and boy, I have no regrets. The weather was crazy hot though. So much sun, and a ton of ice-cream for Aiko. I ate four sticks of ice cream! FOUR!
Folk Fairytale is still so new and this roadshow was a fun way to get ourselves out there. We made about 300 new vintage jewelry pieces for this show and the remainder I will post SOON on our online shop. I have so much to do for the website shop and probably some clean up which will take some time, but I am happy nevertheless. Everything starts small and this really reminds me of the time I started YouTube. So fun!

Anyways, since it is Easter, I decided to make a bunny, but lo and behold, ladies and gents. This is no ordinary bunny, this is WONKY the gentleman bunny. Yep. Don't you think he is so adorable? Crooked head, thin body and a HUGE mustache, can't go wrong with quirk and cute right here. Super simple plush to make. Great for beginners and those who have a thing for wonky looking animals.
Things you will need for this project:
Felt ( White, Brown, Black)
Gentleman Bunny Template
To save, right click and choose, 'Save Image As'

I hope you like this tutorial and in the mean time, I shall indulge you with some pretty epic pictures of Folk Fairytale's first ever cute little stall. Enjoy and happy weekend fluffies!

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