My BIG Little Pusheen Cat Plushie Update

Why hello there everyone!  Extra video this week. I made a Pusheen Cat cushion plushie last week. This was an order but I thought I'd show you before I send it out tomorrow. I love how fat this guy looks and ohhhh sooo hugtastic!

Pusheen is about fourteen inches in width and nine inches in length. Pretty much a big dude. I hand sewed everything on using felt, embroidered the whiskers and mouth with back stitching and finished him up with some stuffing.

In the mean comics. Right? Yep.

Now that I am done embarrassing myself with such an atrocious excuse of a comic, I shall take my bow and show myself out to continue sipping on that hot cup of coffee. Have yourself a happy Monday fluffeteers! I will be back with another tutorial this week! BIG BUBBLY Pusheen like huggs!

If you would like to adopt a Pusheen Plush cushion of your own, head on over here.
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