DIY Felt Camera Bag Tutorial

diy felt camera bag, handbag, cute handmade bag, tutorial, do it yourself, sewing, sew, easyHello fluffies! First off, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! I can feel so many good things coming this year. I started my day today with a huge yummy lunch prepared by my lovely mummy. I swear she is the best cook in the world. If you do not live in Malaysia, I highly recommend that you Google 'Steamboat'. It is a traditional dish we eat every year during this time. SO MUCH seafood! I can't even contain myself with this awesomeness. I am quite blessed to be able to experience so many cultures as I am from a mixed parentage. In fact, celebrating every kind of festival is pretty much a norm in my household. Which is definitely a plus. Biggest reason why I just don't diet. Every member from my mom to my brother cooks so well, it cannot be unseen or untasted ( untasted, is this even a word?).
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Sweater : Vintage Thrift Store
Polka Dot Skirt: DIY
Hat: Sammydress
Anyways, I have a thing for photography and usually spend about one to two hours every morning taking pictures of random things around me. Usually nature. Lately, I got a new camera from my lovely 'secret man' and because I always carry a Polaroid camera with me, I found it kind of difficult to carry a second camera around, thus the invention of my very own camera bag!
I do own a bag for my DSLR but it has so many compartments for the little gadgets these cameras usually have, that it leaves me no space to store a second one. Making your own bag gives you the freedom to customize the size and its function without having to pay a bomb. Plus point? It can be made in ANY color that you want. Oh how I loathe them ugly black camera bags shops always try to sell. I get functionality, but I don't get how yucky it looks against my outfits.
Alright! So lets look at the things you will need to make your very own Felt Camera Bag.

Things you will need for this project:
Felt ( I used about 2 half yard rolls, each of a different color for this bag)
Little decorations (Optional)

So let me know what you think of this camera bag. Such a nifty little accessory. It does take patience to make, but so worth it. If you are wondering whether it holds well, I think it does, I have taken it out with me for the past week after I made it and it is still in ship shape! This handmade felt camera bag is able to hold both my Polaroid camera and video camera.
See you next week fluffeteers, I am going to hop in the kitchen now and grab some cake! HUGS!
Felt Camera Bag Template
To save, right click and choose ' Save Image As'
Please note that because this is a huge bag, I was unable to upload a template that would fit your print paper. All you need to do is follow the exact
measurements provided and your camera bag will look fabulous! Good luck!

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  1. This is absolutely adorable :) I am definitely going to try this out, thanks for posting this ^^

  2. Love love love this, thank you for posting!