DIY FASHION: 5 Minute Vintage Peter Pan Collar Tutorial

Happy weekend fluffies! As always, I hope you had a great week. I am planning a nerdy kind of vintage outfit lookbook for next week and found the perfect sweater for it, but for some reason, it didn't look quirky enough for my taste. You know the feeling when something is missing, but you just can't put a finger on what it is?

Anyways, as CHEESY as this may sound, A fabulous idea suddenly popped! Why not wear a detachable collar? And BAM! The birth of this tutorial. So cheesy, I know.
Lets look at some fun facts about Peter Pan before we start.

Fun Facts About Peter Pan:
The first animated cartoon named Peter Pan aired in 1953 based on a play by J.M Barrie.

Peter Pan was also the final animated feature released by RKO Pictures before the great Walt Disney decided to establish his very own distribution company. 

Peter Pan has a lovely pixie sidekick named Tinkerbell who became famous among us children garnering her very own series in 2008. 

Now that we have gotten past the formalities and cheesiness of it, lets look at how this cute felt vintage Peter Pan collar came to be. As you probably can tell, I have on a mustard yellow crochet sweater with some kind of graphic on it. I didn't show you the entire sweater in the video because the good stuff comes out next week and I wouldn't want to spoil the fun now.

With that said, I felt that I could have added something extra to infuse more character into my outfit and we all know how wacky I get with my daily get ups, it's not even funny. This DIY felt collar seemed to fit the job and not only is it fun and pretty, it is flipping easy to make. I sewed on the flower details to the collar instead of  using glue and all in all, everything took me a good 10 minutes to complete. Pretty nifty, I must say.

Things you will need to complete this project:
Old/ New Sweater
Fabric Glue
Needle and thread (Optional. Only if you plan to sew on the details)
On a final note, I got the chance to do a fun collaboration with the lovely and dainty Anika from 'The Pineneedle Collective'. She is such a fun and inspirational person and recently started a YouTube channel featuring her DIY projects. She also has an amazing blog dedicated to Fashion, DIY and Science which I recommend if you are a junkie for fun scientific facts and of course great fashion. Probably one of the few blogs I visit ( or stalk) on a daily basis. Go figure. Such goodness cannot be unseen.
Watch Anika's Tutorial here.
Visit her blog post here.

Okay, so, time to leave! HAH! See you next week and as always, big huggs, Peter Pan kisses and may the ever young magic be with you always. Did that even make any sense?

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  1. Hey U look soo beautiful in this video!! Wow the glue is working perefctly!!
    I wanna buy it!!
    I aksed u before what editing programme u hae. Was it final cut pro or ?
    Are u using a free version or the paid one? I would really love to start making videos but I dont want to edit vidoes on my ipad with imovie but i dont know...

    Xoxo Barbora

    1. Hiya there! I am using Sony Vegas Pro 12. It is the paid version. There are a number of free versions for video editors but they don't really quite do the heavy duty stuff. I hope to see you making videos one day! HUgs