Kawaii Mamegoma Green Tea Cup Plushie Tutorial

Happy New Year everyone!! Wow, a whole year has passed and I feel like it was just yesterday we were ushering in the year 2013. Funny how time flies and before you know it, we are wrinkly and old with grandchildren running in the lawn. Phew!
I meant to put this up on the 31st of December 2013, and if you watch the video, you would probably  hear me mention this being the last tutorial of the year, however, I got caught up with party preparations to usher in the New Year and could not get within two feet of my computer once our guests started arriving. I had fun nevertheless, it was a pretty awesome party.
Anyways, back on topic, we will be making this really cute Mamegoma Green Tea cup plushie and this was quite a heavy request from my plush update video which you can find here, so I decided that the end of the year would be a great time to fulfill a request from all my subscribers.

I changed things up a little and added a heart and straw for a cuter effect. I absolutely love how the grey felt represents the exact color of two ceramic cups I own to drink tea in.

Fun Facts about Green Tea:
Green Tea was found more than 4000 years ago in China. It is said that Green Tea was discovered by accident while a  Chinese countryman was on a walk. 

Green Tea contains one of the highest level antioxidants which fights free radicals and in turn aging, and has become a popular addition in the cosmetic industry.
Alright fluffeteers! This completes and ends the year, I have a special post coming up pretty soon, so look forward to that, I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being by me the past year. It was as awesome as the last if not better with so many more of you on board the fluff ship. You guys will always be the source of my inspiration and my promise to thrive and be better at what I do for you will remain and strengthen.

Thank you for being my light when times were quite shady and dark. I love you to no end.
Mamegoma Tea Cup Template
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  1. It sooo cute!! I love your plushies tutorials they are very beautiful.