DIY Fashion: Felt Peeking Panda Pocket Tutorial (Upcycle Old Shirts)

Hello Fluffies! I hope you had a great weekend. I am a little thrown off with my usual schedule of putting up two videos a week of late. I don't know if it is the scraps of catching up with end of the year hubbubs which unexpectedly carried over to the new year, or is it just me being unable to keep up with real life creeping slowly at my back, waiting patiently to pounce and go.. PEEEK-A-BOO!

I am in the midst of setting up my own jewelry and plush shop, at the same time, planning a campaign for our upcoming charity project which I have been looking forward to for a very, very long time now. Initially, we wanted to open a soup house of some sort to feed the poor, but that would take a ton of time, resources and well, money. My brother then suggested that we should instead do a 'walkabout' and give out free food to the needy on a specified day each week or month. I think it is more feasible for us that way considering the people and resources that we currently have. All in the works, thought I'd fill you in on some.

I would love to go into detail about this, but, I will save it all for when it is up, running and all good. Hopefully by mid year (crosses fingers). Besides, we have a cute little pocket to make today. A peeking panda pocket!
I know the title sounds really weird and bizarre if you say it out loud, but I truly could not think of a better way to describe this DIY pocket. Anyways, lets get down to business fluffeteers!

I made this entirely out of felt. Some of you may ask if felt is durable and my answer would be yes. It is also washable, mash-able and fashionable to say the least. I made my pocket from pure polyester felt because they tend to be thicker and sturdier compared to acrylic ones. Daiso has the best, high quality felt in my opinion and trust me, I have ordered from a ton of shops and none of them come close to the fluff Daiso has. If you have one in your country, I recommend them. Top notch. Yes.

Feel free to experiment with different colors, textures, heck even animals that peek out of your pocket. This was a first try for me, so I definitely plan to tweak things a little here and there when I do another in the 'near' future. HAH!
Things you will need to make your own Peeking Panda Pocket:
Felt in any color
Thread in the similar colors of your felt
An old tee-shirt 
Template, which you can download below

So this is it! The first fashion tutorial of the year! I hope that you are inspired to make a ton of these peeking creepers and while you are at it, don't forget to drop me a picture if you ever make one. Have a great week my fellow peeking friends!
Peeking Panda Pocket Template
To save, simply right click and choose 'Save Image As'

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  1. i love this so much!! <3 thanks for the lovely inspiration and tutorial :3 have a great day ^^

    1. Thank you !! Huggss :D You have yourself an awesome week!

  2. Ooooh my, I absolutely adore this!!~ I just went through all my clothes and I found a bunch of comfy oversized shirts. They are just plain grey and black so I thought I may as well get rid of them to the second hand store, as they weren't anything special....but then I saw this tutorial and a few of your other upcycled t-shirt tutorials, and now I'm definitely keeping them to try this out! Thanks so much for the tutorial!~ Stay fluffy :3

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