Cozy Lookbook: Valentine's Day Outfit Idea 2014

Hello fluffies! Finally, an outfit video and blog post! Boy, have I missed doing these shoots and I am glad I took some time off my busy schedule to sit back and look pretty for the camera (Talk about self indulgence, LOL). I know you must think I am somewhat out of wack for posting a Valentine's Day video so early, but I truly think Valentine's day should be celebrated every single day of the year. So much cheese. Okay, so truth. I was putting a couple of outfits together and came up with this, thought it was really cute, wanted to show you, and maybe, possibly give you some ideas for the upcoming celebration of love next month.
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I think this outfit is not much of a flashy showy kind of outfit. I have been a fan of Mori Girl fashion for a long time and sometimes try to infuse it into my daily outfits. Though I can't dress according to the whole shebang (layers), thanks to the humid heat in Malaysia, I think small elements work just as great when piecing an inspired outfit. I wanted to have a cozy look, something soft, feminine, playful and comfy at the same time. Perfect for a lazy afternoon date in a cafe, or a picnic at the park.

The heart shape knitted sweater has this really gorgeous olive color which I love, but because it was somewhat thick on the top, I wanted to soften the look with a bouncy chiffon skirt. To add some interesting texture and colors, I played with printed knee high socks and muted everything with a brown toned crochet hat and a pair of vintage oxford shoes. Pretty neat don't you think?
Crochet Hat (c/o)- Sammydress
Lace Heart Cut Out Sweater (c/o)- Sammydress
Peasant Knee Length Skirt- Indie Vintage Shop
Printed Knee High Socks- Daiso
Vintage Oxford Shoes- Thrift Store
So what are your plans for Valentines? Will you be dressing up for a flashy night out? Or do you prefer lazing the afternoon away at a scenic spot by the park with a picnic in tow? Let me know what are your favorite couple activities on this special day. I will definitely be dishing out some snaps on my Instagram, so be sure to follow me there! 
Huge hugs and may your weekend be filled with the thought of food, fashion and love. 

P/S: You might be interested in the little message I wrote to my secret man if you watch my video. Just saying. (Hah!)

I have found a paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more
hurt, only more love. -Mother Theresa-

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